The Tennor Criminal Family Chapter 1

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Generation 1 – Chapter 1

Charles “Lucky” Tennor was notorious in Twinbrook. But things were getting too hot for him and his family. The Emperors of Evil had declared war on each other and he and his family were caught in the middle. It was time to move on and take his family with him. Elvira knew it would be difficult, but she would face her fears as it was best for her husband and for her two sons and her small daughter. Anthony and Benny were sad to leave the only home they had known but it couldn’t be helped.

Charles managed to liberate $21,000 Simoleons for their new start in Sunset Valley. He vowed to his wife and family that he would become Emperor of Evil in Sunset Valley and rule with an iron fist. He is very ambitious. Anthony and Benny showed their support by vowing to follow in their father’s footsteps. Elvira decided the best thing for her was to stay at home and care for their daughter, and creating evil Simbots to help her husband seemed like a worthy endeavor.

Tina not understanding any of this played with her toys. She smiled and giggled and thought good thoughts, friendly thoughts. How will this sweet little girl fair in this family?

They have arrived in Sunset Valley with all their worldly belongings in a rented truck.

From right to left:
Charles “Lucky” Tennor, Athletic, Evil, Ambitious, Mean Spirited and Lucky.
Benny Tennor, Genius, Snob, Evil and Mean Spirited.
Anthony Tennor, Evil, Kleptomaniac, Charismatic and Mean Spirited.
Elvira Tennor, Handy, Genius, Eccentric, Coward, and Mean Spirited.
Tina Tennor, Good and friendly.

This is the little house they have to use until they can establish themselves.

The kitchen area

Living room area
The bathroom
And a potty for Tina.

This little room made over for Tina.
With sleeping accommodation for the rest in the back yard.
First up “Lucky” needs to get himself in good with the local crime boss.
Elvira leaves Anthony home babysitting and he takes this opportunity to teach his sister to walk.
Elvira takes a class in inventing.
And registers herself as an inventor.
Then off to collect some scrap. Hard to make an army of evil Simbots without scrap.
Benny gets a job at the local grocery store.
And does an evil dance to  a guitar player outside.
“Lucky” takes an athletic class and goes for a jog…
all the way home.
Tina learned to walk and Anthony went to City Hall to take a Charisma course. He took Tina with him. I wonder if she was able to absorb anything.
After dropping Tina off at home Anthony went to get a job at the Mausoleum.
Afterwords it seems as good a time as any to… himself to a vase.
Great place for it in the kitchen.
Elvira makes their first meal in their new home.

Meanwhile, Lucky and Anthony chat outside.

Lucky seems to think the Autumn Salad is evil.

Really evil.

Elvira takes time to potty train Tina.

Now Anthony takes an “Evil” moment. Mahahaha

Benny felt the urge to steal candy from Tina.

Elvira had to start somewhere on her quest to create Evil Simbots, so she is creating a widget.

All sleeping peacefully.

Tina plays in the Junkyard office while Elvira digs for scrap. Tina can see her through the window so she feels safe.

Anthony didn’t hit it off too well with Buster Clavell.

He has acquired his first nemesis.

Lucky and Elvira finally get some quality time together.

Lucky spends some time with his co-worker Xander Clavell at the Gym.

Elvira takes her widgets to the Consignment Store for sale. She makes her first $27. later that day when they sell.

Lucky and Anthony went to the local pool.

Showing off Lucky’s tatoos.

Anthony chatting with a friend at the pool.

A little swim time for Elvira and Benny.

Showing Elvira’s tattoos.

After a little swim time the whole family met at the Bistro for dinner. Boys in Formal wear.

The girls in Formal wear.

Lucky needs to train his sons for what is ahead.

The End….

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5 Responses to The Tennor Criminal Family Chapter 1

  1. Buttonsginger says:

    Great Story! Hey Xander Clavell gets around ( hehehe my Cinny’s ex)! lol

  2. Magician1 says:

    Great Story…

  3. That tent sure could fly! Good story….

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