Brazilian Rainbow Dream

The Lot is uploaded to 4Shared. I’m still having some problems with the TS3 Exchange.

Brazilian Rainbow Dream Download

Built at 415 Skyborough Blvd in Sunset Valley it features a rainbow of colours throughout the house.

Brazilion Rainbow Dream

Oops! I spelled Brazilian wrong.

Aerial view of lot

Aerial view of interior

Brazillian Rainbow

Front of Brazillian Rainbow

Brazillian Rainbow Front

Pool Area

Patio Area

Living Room Seating

Living Room Entertainment

Living Room

Living Room Rug

Study in Yellow


Study from Front

Study Rug

Kitchen Island

Kitchen Showing Stove

Kitchen Fridge Angle

Dining Room

Dining Room Window Side

Dining Room Rug

Master Bedroom

Master Bedroom Seating Area

Master Bedroom Dressing Area

Master Bedroom Rug

Nursery Crib Area

Nursery Toy Area

Nursery Seating Area

Nursery Rug

Bathroom Toilet and Double Sinks

Bathroom Shower and Potty Chair

Bathroom Luxury Tub

Garage 1 Pickup Truck inside

Behind Garage Showing Double Fence

House at Night Front

House at Night Pool Patio

House at Night Right Side

House at Night Pool and Patio

House at Night Left Side Patio

House at Night Back Patio with Fooseball Table

House at Night Back Patio with Fireplace Lit

House at Night Right Side of House from the Back

House at Night Pool and Patio from the Back

House at Night Back Patio from the Walking Path Behind the House

That’s all folks!  Check the Sims Category for the Acosta Family.


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5 Responses to Brazilian Rainbow Dream

  1. Absolutely stunning! I L o v e the patterns all thru the home. Job well done. Bravo! EQ

  2. Buttonsginger says:

    Well, I’ll be darn… does look just like a rainbow!! Great colors and patterns!! Love the colored lights on the outside of the house!

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