Tennor Criminal Legacy Chapter 2

Generation 1 – Chapter 2

It’s Tina’s birthday. She is so happy about growing up and looks forward to going to school. Tina learned a lot from her toys while a toddler, I’m sure she will have a great start to her school year.

Tina's Birthday

She somehow feels more artistic since growing up. “Please, please, please Daddy, buy me an easel.” Lucky smiled and said “Soon Honey, if you do well in school.”

All grown up... well nearly.

After work Anthony went on a rummage hunt. The owner’s don’t seem to mind. Two of the household just walked by him. He found a Stuffed Bear and a Ducksworth. Slim pickings. And, of course, the usual trash and old newspapers. “First thing I do when I get home is get rid of this trash. Second a shower. Ugh!”


Of course, a good rummage is best when followed by a good kick.

A good kick!

Rummaging seems to run in the family. Lucky was a little luckier. He found 10 pieces of scrap for Elvira and and gem rock worth $440 Simoleons. Great job Lucky!

Lucky getting lucky.

Lucky bought Tina a Toy Oven and Tina seems to be a natural at baking muffins. “Can I have a Bake Sale Table too? Please Daddy?” “Well honey, seeing as you can make money with it okay. But you can only set it up on the weekend. You have to study hard to earn your easel.” Lucky found it hard to say no to Tina. She is such a good child.

The muffine baker.

Benny brought a friend home from school, Kizzie Rodriguez, but had to go to work. Dad decided it would be a good idea to train her.

Training Kizzie!

Elvira found a washer at the junkyard and brought it home. Not really a bargain as the only option was to replace for $450 Simoleons, but now they have a washer.

Laundry day!

So here is Elvira doing laundry.

Gonna wash that grime right outta the clothes.

Fun isn’t it!

Yep it's fun! NOT!

Wow that was fast. She just walked up to the clothesline and waved her hand and the clothes were all hung up.

Magic clothesline!

This could be a profitable pasttime with Lucky’s luck. Mercury worth $218 and a grape seed worth $6. Not going to be planting it. This isn’t a garden legacy.


Let’s put those nasty newspapers back where we got them. This household seemed a little upset with Lucky and asked him to leave. He’ll have to sneak back sometime and kick their can. That will show them.

Giving back!

Off to France! Lucky has been sent to France by his boss to deliver a special package.

He brought Elvira along to have the honeymoon that they missed. They have three whole days to spend in this romantic town alone and away from family responsibility.  Lucky has been so busy with work and rummaging and Elvira has been so busy with her inventing and laundry that they need to spend some time together.


The delivery done. Now the rest of the time is for Elvira and maybe some adventures.

Sealing the deal!

What adventures will they find in France? Will they find renewed romance? Check back to see…

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4 Responses to Tennor Criminal Legacy Chapter 2

  1. Buttonsginger says:

    What happens in France stays in France….hehehehe, ya know ….like Las Vegas!

  2. Magician1 says:

    LOL @ BG

    Nice MW. Never seen a Sim kick the dustbin in TS3. Shows you how much I play, hey?

    Looking forward to more..

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