Porch Roof Styles

Here is a small tutorial to help the new builder with adding a porch roof to a build. I have used this in my Homework Assignments on Builders’ 101 on the TS3 forum. There are different styles to choose from. Take your pick. Enjoy!

Read the captions!

This is what happens if you don't turn off auto roof

Turn off auto roof and remove the current roof.

Draw a hipped roof from one corner to the other

Like this.

Or draw a gabled roof

Like this. Notice it turned. This is okay. There are two gable roofs to choose from. Choose the one that goes in the direction that you want.

Draw a gabled roof from front left

to the back right

This is how it will look

Delete the large roof

And lower the porch roof

Click undo and your large roof will reappear

The back roof is a little too high

Delete the porch roof

Lower the back roof

Click undo and the porch roof will reappear

Or at the lowest setting draw a gabled roof in the other direction

Draw a half gable roof from front to back

From the side we can see that the back roof is too low

Delete the porch roof

Change the height of the main roof

Click undo to return the porch roof

Final view

Mixing things up a little

With this type of roof a pergola looks good

Using monorail fencing draw in all the squares

This tutorial was written before Ambitions. It does still work with Ambitions.


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3 Responses to Porch Roof Styles

  1. These are great tips! Thank you for sharing. -EQ

  2. Buttonsginger says:

    Thank you so much MW! This is so helpful.

  3. Shay says:

    You’ve added new! Glad I checked the tutorial again.

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