Tennor Criminal Legacy Chapter 3

Generation 1 – Chapter 3

French Honeymoon

The time in France started off with Lucky and Elvira going in opposite directions. Lucky wanted to increase his athletic skill and Elvira had an adventure to follow. He promised to meet her later.

Opposite Directions

Elvira went to the Celtic Ruins. She started her adventure by checking her map.

Checking her Map

Lucky continued to jog. He was so into jogging he forgot about time.


Elvira collected a lot of treasure, relics and a heart shaped keystone on her way to this room. She first had to clear some rubble, but behind the rocks she found this wall that looked a little different that the rest. She examined it and found a secret door.

Secret Door

Using the heart shaped keystone, Elvira was able to unlock this door to the treasures beyond.


Elvira could use Lucky’s help at this point. These statues are heavy. After moving a couple of statues she found a plate on the floor with the shape of footprints on it. She stood on the plate and stairs opened up.

Heavy Statues

Fatigued, Lucky read the newspaper by the side of the road.  Then he remember he was supposed to be meeting Elvira.

Reading Newspaper

He then hurried to meet Elvira in the tomb at the bottom of the stairs. ‘Do you forgive me for being late?’ he said and they joined in an embrace and a gentle kiss.

Gentle Kiss

Dividing the large tomb between them, Lucky went one way and Elvira went the other. Lucky found some treasure, relics and a heart shaped keystone. This sounds familiar. He placed the keystone in the wall and the door was unlocked. More treasure beyond. Meanwhile Elvira was finding gems and relics of her own. She also found a couple of bottles of nectar.

Unlocking the Treasures Beyond

This time Lucky was there to push the statue onto the plate. This unlocked a door into the next room.

Using his Muscles

They were both very tired. They found a room with a tent in it. Elvira was worried because there was also a skeleton in the room, but Lucky promised to look after her…

Looking After Elvira

… and look after her he did.

Flying Tent with Rose Petals

The next morning, after a breakfast of dried food morsels and a shower from a can, they set off to explore the room they had unlocked the night before. Elvira found a money bag and checked out this hole in the floor. Meanwhile Lucky found some gold coins and relics. Elvira found the object of her mission, but they both wanted to continue.

Mission Accomplished

Elvira braved a dive pool and found a tunnel that she swam through. When on the other side, she found herself in a small room. She grabbed the treasure and decided rather than brave the tunnel again she would see what was behind the rubble. On the other side Lucky had the same idea.

Working Together

Another room found them with more rubble to clear. The family that clears rubble together…

Clearing Rubble

Once the rubble was cleared they moved the statues and a hidden door opened up. In the next room they found a money bag and some gold coins. There was also a sarcophagus. Lucky decided to look inside as Elvira looked on. He was pulled inside…

Are you all right in there?

…and the sarcophagus rocked.

Rocking Sarcophagus

He shot out and grabbed at Elvira to  balance himslef.

Balancing Act

His head was spinning.

Head Spinning

He felt dizzy. ‘I’m so glad you’re okay, Honey’ said Elvira.


Oh I want to go home.

Home Bound Wish

But in the next room he wasn’t deterred from trying again. So with this tomb pillaged, off they went with their treasure in their inventory to the Art Gallery.

Trying Again

‘Oh darling we’ve done so well.’ she said as he kissed her.

Kissing in the Gallery

After looking around in the Gallery a little they jogged back to town.

Jogging Back to Town

Elvira jogged to the town centre to deliver the item she found to complete the adventure.

Delivery Complete

Lucky jogged back to base camp to make dinner.

Autumn Salad Coming Up

But when Elvira got back, dinner waited on the counter. Elvira smiled at Lucky and he couldn’t resist her.

Resistance Futile

A good time was had by all.

Good Times

The next moring Lucky enjoyed a good laugh in the kitchen.

Evil Laugh

‘What can I get up to today?’ he thought.

Dastardly Plans

They jogged to the Relic store. Lucky sold the loot in his inventory and then served some nectar. Elvira was next to sell all the goodies in her inventory.

Cashing In!

They sat out in the back garden of the relic store and enjoy their nectar.

Delicious Nectar

It was a very good year. ‘We had a very good day yesterday’ Lucky said.

‘Such a good day. What can we do today to match it?’ Elvira replied.

‘Well I was thinking maybe we could do a little excavating and I hear we can find some gems just laying around on the ground. You up for it?’

‘For sure!’

Planning the Day

Hunger then set in and the went to the Cafe. Lucky ordered Cheese Plate for both of them.

Buying Lunch

Where they had a lovely lunch together and worked out the details of the day.

Lovely Lunch

Next on the agenda it was time to collect some rocks from around the town. Both Elvira and Lucky jogged over the countryside looking for relics, ore and gems. They ended up at the Nectary harvesting fruits and vegetables to take back home to sell.

A Great Find

Vacation over, they were whisked home where Elvira had a game of Gnubb with Tina. She had missed her so much.


Benny decided this was a good time to rummage through the neighbours trash. He managed to collect a lot of scrap for his Mom.

Rummaging for Scrap

Elvira has received recognition from City Hall for her inventions. They gave her a trophy so she proudly displays it in her living room.


They had a wonderful time on they belated honeymoon. They gathered so much loot while there that they came home $16,000 Simoleons richer.

‘I think it’s time to call a Contractor and an Interior Designer and put an addition on the house.’ Elvira said to Lucky. ‘I’m tired of sleeping in a tent and I want a proper bed.’

‘Anything, my Love’ he said. ‘Happy Anniversary!’

To be continued…


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10 Responses to Tennor Criminal Legacy Chapter 3

  1. Magician1 says:


    Idk how you can stick with the 2 of them in france. I get lost with one. lol

  2. MerryWiddow says:

    I pause a lot. I have also played the tombs so much I almost know them by heart.

  3. Love a good adventure! Must take my Sims traveling soon. 🙂 EQ

  4. Rawla says:

    Great update! I had so much fun reading it. 🙂

  5. Buttonsginger says:

    Love the knee socks!! What a nice honeymoon! Extra Loot always helps! The tomb pictures are always great! I never tire of exploring them either! Looking forward to more update from your award winning crime family!!!!

  6. olorae5584 says:

    this is great! love it MW ^__^

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