Cheer Up Shelter of Hope Chapter 2

Day 2

Day two started out with Otto chatting with Aura. That didn’t go so well and he ended up having to apologize to her.

The Apology

Amy tried her hand at cooking and made breakfast for everyone. The waffles were enjoyed by all.


Victor helped with Adam’s potty training.


Otto went off to work for his first day at the ‘Warehouse’.

The Warehouse

Aura went outside to keep her garden happy.


Beth needed to increase her cooking skill. So she took $400 out the the family funds and took a cooking class. They were so impressed with her that they offered her a job at the diner. Good thing too because everyone else was not so impressed.

Cooking Class

Victor realized he wasn’t going to get his dream of going to Egypt if he didn’t get a job.. So he went off to City Hall and registered as a Painter.

Registering as Painter

After getting a job at the diner, Beth realized she needed to bone up on her cooking Skills. So off she went to the library.


Victor back home with his new found zeal, set in to make some money.


Adam, meanwhile, was enjoying his time alone with his toys. He’s going to turn out to be quite the musician.

The Musician

After finishing in the garden, Aura too decided it was time for a visit to the library.

Gardening Skill

After school the teens were all for helping out with the funds. Amy found some seeds for the garden.


Keviana returned to the Science Centre garden. ‘They didn’t mind yesterday, so I hope they don’t mind today.’ she thought. Both girls went off to work after harvesting what they could.


Xander went to a nearby fishing hole where there were some wild plants growing.

Wild Plants

Otto raided the ‘Warehouse’ garden after work.


Otto needs to increase his athletic skill for work, so off to the Gym. He didn’t seem to like working out to the stereo, so let’s try the pool. That seemed like more fun. Especially if he didn’t have to change.


After Xander’s foraging for produce and seeds, he stopped by the Mausoleum to get a job.

Getting a Job

Time for a repeat visit to the junk yard.

Junk Yard

Oh no! It’s after curfew. Maybe he can out run her.


I guess he just wasn’t fast enough. I think Xander needs to get fit.

The Arrest

Victor was upset with Xander for waking him from his dreams of Egypt.


Xander said ‘Calm down old man, I was out trying to make money for us.’ This gave Victor food for thought, but ‘You haven’t even done your homework yet Xander. You need to get that done first. You should get a job instead.’ he replied. ‘I did Victor. I got a job at the Mausoleum, but you’re right school comes first.’

The Lecture

Meanwhile, Amy was struggling with her homework. She was too tired to finish and will have to finish in school tomorrow.


Xander was famished after his busy evening. and Keviana was trying to do her homework too. She had also left it too late and was very tired. She would have to finish in school tomorrow too. Xander was so tired and stinky he went to bed right after a shower. He’s going to have to do his homework in school too.


And so ended the day with the stereo left on.


I’ll post the statistics with Day 5.



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  1. Buttonsginger says:

    Great Screenshots!

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