Cheer Up Shelter of Hope Chapter 1

Day 1

Hi I’m MerryWiddow and I’ve got a story for you of hope and courage.

Eight people all homeless are given a chance in the newest building in Sunset Valley. This is the Cheer Up Shelter of Hope. You will meet all of the new inhabitants throughout the first chapter of this saga.

The Meeting

The first challenge that befell our group was a devastating water main break in the shelter. Both showers and the kitchen sink were broken and there were puddles everywhere.

Devastating Water Main Break

Xander Phreeson took a fancy to Amy Davies and Keviana Higgins started talking to her grandfather Victor Higgins.


Aura Doering immediately started teaching Adam to talk. She felt it would be really important to his future.

Teaching to Talk

As Otto Doerling, no relation to Aura and Adam, and Beth Mickley entered they were aware of the damage done by the water main burst.


The water was even spreading under the walls.


Otto immediately tackled the repair on one of the showers…


… while Beth tackled the other one.

More Repairs

Grandpa Victor thought it would be a good idea for everyone not involved in the repairs and teaching little ones, to scrounge throughout the town for fruits and vegetables that they could plant and sell.

A good Idea

Otto completed his repair of the shower…


… and moved on to the kitchen sink.

A local repairman showed up to offer his services free of charge, but it was too late most of the work was done.

Repair Man

After Beth completed the repair of the ladies shower she was happy to start cleaning up the puddles.


As per victor’s suggestion, everyone went around town looking for anything they could sell.
Victor found fruit trees in the park in the centre of town.

Victor Found Fruit Trees

Amy found fruits and vegetables at a local fishing hole.

Amy's Find

Xander found fruits and vegetables at the beach.

Xander at the Beach

Keviana found a nice garden at the Science centre. ‘I’m sure they won’t mind if I pick these.’ she thought.

Raiding the Science Centre Garden

Meanwhile at the shelter, Otto was still fixing the kitchen sink.

Still Fixing the Kitchen Sink

As Victor arrived home, a group of neighbours arrived for a visit and to welcome everyone to the neighbourhood.

Friendly Neighbours

Beau Andrews was quick to complain about all of the puddles.




Adam had learned to talk very quickly. Now Aura moved on to teaching him to walk.

Learning to Walk

With the repairs done, Otto went to the local library to read a logic book. (He had a wish) There he met Keviana fresh from her vegetable picking. She got the desire to learn the gardening skill.

At the Library

Victor tired of talking to the neighbours, started painting.


While at the fishing hole, Amy had met Holly Alto. Time for a phone call to Holly.

Phoning Holly

Victor finished his first painting. ‘Yellow Flowers by Victor Higgins’ value $2.

First Painting

Victor proudly displayed it on the wall.

Pround Display

Meanwhile back at the library, Otto and Kevliana had achieved the first level in their respective skills and moved on the level 2.

First Level

Beth enjoyed chatting with the neighbours but finally had to ask them to leave so she could finish cleaning.

A Good Chat

Kevliana left the library and went to the grocery store to get a part time job as a Produce Quality Assessor.

Keviana's Part Time Job

Otto left the library with one of their books.

Theft or a Glitch?

He ran to the Criminal Warehouse to see if they could use his help.

Looking for Work

Yes the could. They needed a Decoy.

A New Job

Adam has had a successful day. He learned to talk and to walk and started on his way to be potty trained. After all that hard work it’s time to play.

Time to Play

Kevliana met a new acquaintance near the grocery store.

New Acquaintance

Amy’s time to get a job. She too is a Produce Quality Assessor.

Amy's Part Time Job

Victor was a big help with Adam.

Big Help

Xander has been really busy all day, but one last place to look. The local junkyard is bound to have some scrap he can sell.

Finding Junk

After getting his job at the ‘Warehouse’ Otto decided he would help himself to some of the vegetables in the garden.

'Free Produce'

Victor took a moment to enjoy the warmth by the fire.

Enjoying the Fire

I’m not sure what a Produce Quality Assessor can do at home, but Kevliana was hard at work.

Hard at Work

After a hard day harvesting by everyone, (I transferred everyone’s bounty, except a few to plant, to Xander’s inventory) Xander went the the grocery store to sell the produce and netted $358. He was able to sell the scrap he found at the junk yard for $40. Not bad for the first day.

Making a Profit

Aura planted a couple each of apples, lettuce, grapes and one tomato plant. A great start.

Planting the Garden

The end of the first day and everyone is fed and to bed at a reasonable hour.

End of the Day

Painting 1

Logic 1
Handiness 1





Gardening 1


Well I think they had a great first day on their quest to be self sufficient.


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Avid Sims 3 fan. Love TV and reading. Family important in my life. You will often find me at The Sims Creators' ConsortiumI.
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