Cheer Up Shelter of Hope Chapter 5

Day 5

Victor started his day off watching TV.

Day Begins

While everyone scurried around in the kitchen to get ready for their day.

Busy Morning

Otto joined Victor watching TV. ‘No I don’t like sports.’ Otto said. ‘What about art, you okay with that?’ Victor replied.

Don't Like Sports

Otto cleaned the kitchen counter and washed the dishes. I think that stove needs cleaning too Otto. Oh well maybe next time.

Maybe Next Time

Beth started her day cleaning again. She got to the stove.

Beth's Start

Victor paid the bills.

Paying the Bills

The TV broke.

Otto, you have more repairs!

So Victor freaked out about the broken TV.

Freaking Out

Adam loves to read. He is now reading ‘Don’t Stay Within the Lines’.

Loves to Read

Looks like Victor doesn’t want to talk about pancakes. Will these two ever find a common ground.

Finding a Topic

Aura finally got her first harvest.

First Harvest

Otto jogged to the bookstore again today and bought ‘Bluish Eggs with a Side of Pastrami’ for $50 for Adam.

More Books for Adam

He then jogged home again. I think Otto is loosing weight. He’s looking pretty trim.

Looking Trim

Time to repair the TV. Otto seems the best qualified.

Best Qualified

Beth enjoying a computer game.

Taking a Break

Then off to help in the garden.

Helping in the Garden

Otto finished repairing the TV and sat down and read ‘Bluish Eggs with a Side of Pastrami’ with Adam.

Reading with Adam

Victor assessing his work so far.

His Own Critic

Amy and Keviana spent a little time fishing before work. Great fun and they can sell the fish.

Fishing for Fun

After helping out in the garden Beth came in the house and to make lunch.

Lunch Time

Xander decided to check out the fishing in the ritzy part of town.

Not Biting

Oh dear, Beth burned the grilled cheese.


Let’s try that again. As you can see Otto is working out in the background.

Second Chance

The fish weren’t biting so Xander went home to play the guitar.

Plunk, Plunk, Plunk

The bathroom room sink broke down. Guess what Otto you need to fix it.

Otto to the Rescue

Water, Water Everywhere

All done. I love the look on this face.


A late night dinner together, Otto boasted about his fitness. I hope she’s impressed.

Late Night Dinner

Good night all.

Sleep Well

The end of Day 5. The final total of family funds for the end of day 5 is $1,678.

Career: Painter – Paint Splasher Level 1
Painting 5

Career: Decoy Level 1
Logic 1
Handiness 4
Athletic 3

Career: Kitchen Scullion Level 1
Cooking 5
Gardening 2

Career: Gardener – Clodhopper Level 3
$562 Earned – $43 dollars to the next level
Cooking 1
Gardening 6

School Grade: B
Career: Produce Quality Assessor Level 1
No skills yet

School Grade: C
Career: Burial Specialist Level 1
No skills yet

School Grade: A
Career: Blue Light Special Designator Level 2
Gardening 2
Fishing 1

Xylophone 3
Peg Box 3
Finger Painting 101
Handprints of the Masters
Don’t Stay Within the Lines
Bluish Eggs with a Side of Pastrami

I’m really enjoying this, so the next update should be soon.


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