Cheer Up Shelter of Hope Chapter 6

Day 6

Beth started her day off a little differently today.

Different Start

A little quality time with Mom.

Quality Time

Victor needed to check the stove.

You Gotta Watch Them All the Time

Otto ran for the car pool.


Oh no! Otto has been arrested again. Maybe this isn’t the job for him. I don’t know how this will work as Otto has to go to the bathroom really bad.

Not the Best Career Choice

Victor took some more paintings to the Consignment Store.

More Consignment

Well turns out Otto was let out early. I guess they couldn’t let him wet himself in the cells.

Let Out Early

He had to take a taxi home to wet himself.

Oh the Embarrassment

Beth is helping Aura out in the garden.

Helping Out Again

Victor’s day had finally come. He could afford to go to Egypt. (He achieved enough Lifetime Rewards to buy the Jettsetter reward.)

Going to Egypt

Victor was so excited.


Family funds after airfare of $971 is $554. First thing on arrival Victor checked for Adventures.

Checking for Adventure

And it begins with Victor finding some Mummitomium valued at $1,079. Wow great start Victor.

Great Start

Now he must report in.

Reporting In

His mission is to go the the Tomb of Discovery and find Raffi Barakat’s missing papers and bring them back.

Getting the Details

First stop is the Market.

The Market

Victor sold the Mummitomium so he wouldn’t be using the family funds. He purchased two cans of shower in a can and a tent. He didn’t need to buy dried food because Raffi had given him some. But he so much wanted to buy a camera but he didn’t have enough money for that yet.

Making his Purchases

But he could afford a book on photography.

Photography Level 1, please.

The Tomb of Discovery was behind these gates. Victor was so excited. His first adventure.

Tomb of Discovery

I’m not going to go into a lot of detail. I don’t want to spoil it for those who haven’t done the tombs.

He found a keystone to open a locked door.

Inserting a Keystone

After a few challenges he completed the adventure.

Finding Treasure

Time for a break. He couldn’t wait to start reading the Photography book he bought. (He had no room in his wish list. I needed to fulfill at least one wish.)

Good Book

While in Egypt, Victor got a message from the Consignment Store that he had sold his paintings for a total of $266 after consignment fees.

He reported in and got another adventure. He must now report to Abdul Kamel.

Another Adventure

He stayed and chatted with Raffi for a little while.


Then Raffi taught him the song ‘Oh, Where is my Mummy?’.

Learning a Song

Mmmm, Abdul looks a little childish doing that. His new adventure is Gems of the Sands. He must find 4 pieces of Turquoise. He’ll start first thing in the morning.

New Adventure

He spent his first night sleeping in the Tomb of Discovery.

Sleeping in a Tomb

The next day he went on his quest for Turquoise.

Finding Turquoise

Victor had a desire to go into a Pyramid.  He so wished he could take a picture of it.

A Pyramid

The next morning, after a good nights rest in base camp, Victor delivered the Turquoise. His next adventure is to meet the villagers and see what they think of MorcuCorp. He chose not to accept it.

Maybe Next Time

Instead he went back to base camp and checked for another adventure. He got an adventure to visit different tombs. He went to the Pyramid first.

Off to The Great Pyramid

Then he went to the Sphinx. He decided to see what he could find here. Although by the look on his face I think he thinks he made the wrong decision.

Inside the Sphinx

Now I’m sure he thinks he made the wrong decision.

Scary Bugs!

Okay this is too much!

Encounter with a Sarcophagus

After finding more treasure, his vacation was over. He sold his loot for $2,927. Excluding the earlier sale of the Mummitonium for $1,079. He’ll have to return to Egypt to continue his adventure.

Back home day 6 continues with Xander in the park playing the guitar after school.


Otto got a new job in the Military.

Good Luck with this one Otto

Adam loves to play with his blocks.

Playing with Blocks

Aura took today’s crop in the the Consignment Store.

Hope they Sell Well

When she got home she chatted a little with Otto.


She was surprised and flattered when he flirted with her.


Then… their first kiss.

Love Blossoming

For the final chore of the night, Victor had to unclog the toilet.

Late Night Chore

The final total of family funds for the end of day 6 is $6,576.

Career: Painter – Paintbrush Patsy Level 4
$587 Earned – $538 dollars to the next level
Painting 5
Photography 1

Career: Military – Latrine Cleaner Level 1
Logic 1
Handiness 4
Athletic 3

Career: Culinary – Kitchen Scullion Level 1
Cooking 5
Gardening 3

Career: Gardener – Master Weeder Level 4
$733 Earned – $872 dollars to the next level
Cooking 1
Gardening 6

School Grade: A
Career: Grocery – Produce Quality Assessor Level 1
No skills yet

School Grade: B
Career: Burial Specialist Level 1
Guitar 1

School Grade: A
Career: Grocery – Blue Light Special Designator Level 2
Gardening 2
Fishing 1

Xylophone 3
Peg Box 3
Finger Painting 101
Handprints of the Masters
Don’t Stay Within the Lines
Bluish Eggs with a Side of Pastrami
Spent some time playing with the blocks.

Day 7 coming soon.


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