Tennor Criminal Legacy Chapter 4

Generation 1 – Chapter 4

Building a Future

Lucky was called into work late the night they returned from France. It was supposed to be a day off. He was very tired, but he needed to impress the leader. The leader was impressed with his delivery in France and gave him a $10 raise. Lucky was sure the leader was impressed with his work too.

Called in to Work


The next morning Elvira called in the contractor to build their new house. They would still have to live out of tents for a little while but the results would be worth it. She took a look back at the house as she was leaving.

Looking Back

While the contractors were hard at work, Elvira jogged to the junk yard.


Elvira found some great scrap. She also found a lot of discarded junk.

Great Scrap

After school Benny stopped into the Gym before he had to go to work. He wanted to get as fit as he could, so he took every chance he could to work out. After work he jogged home.

Working Out

On her way home from school Tina found a rock. ‘Oh what a pretty rock,’ she thought ‘I bet Mommy would like that. And there’s another one too.’

Pretty Stones

Tina met Elvira at the Junk Yard and gave her the pretty rocks she had found. Elvira gave her a big hug and said, ‘Thank you very much, Darling.’

A Hug from Mommy

The went home together and found that the contractors had worked very hard. The decorators would be in tomorrow.

Contractors Done

Anthony had the day off today and had worked out after school. He had also done his homework. He thought that it would be a good idea to move the chess table to the new back porch. He then sat down to play.

Genius in the Making

One more night in a tent and the decorator would be there tomorrow. There won’t be much to spend on the decor because most of it went to the building. There would, Elvira was sure, be enough for a bed. She didn’t want to sleep in the dark anymore.

Last Night in the Tent


Lucky spent the whole day working out and achieved the top level in the athletic skill. Then he went off to work for most of the night. He was still working on impressing the Emperor of Evil. He needed to find out all he could about the operations. He was given the chance to try a new level of his career; Con Artist.

Off to Work

Elvira spent the day looking for the elusive pink diamond. She found a lot of gems and rocks.

Gem Hunting

When it got dark she jogged home. She put a lot of the gems in the mail to be cut and sent the ore off to be smelted.

Jogging Home

Anthony was so tired after jogging home from school and the new bed was so comfortable, he slept through work.  Benny went to work after school and as soon as he came home he crashed too.

Sleeping Through Work

The interior decorating has been started. This will have to be an ongoing concern as the funds come in. You enter the house to the kitchen. The walls have been redone in Elvira’s favourite colour with a touch of Lucky’s favourite black.


Entry and Dining

The main floor bathroom has also been redone. This time in a combination of Elvira’s, Lucky’s, Anthony’s and Benny’s favourite colours and a new shower replaced the old one.

Main Floor Bathroom

The laundry room got a great face lift. With room left for a dryer.

Laundry Room

Tina’s bedroom on the main floor was converted into a study.


With room for Elvira’s inventing table.

Room for Inventing

A new room was added for the exercise equipment.


And stairs to the new second floor.


Tina got her pink bedroom and a new easel.

Tina's New Easel

She loved her bed, so she still has the same bed.

Same Bed

Daddy also got her a new play table. She loved how the green matched her walls.

Play Table

Elvira and Lucky, again a combination of their favourite colours, got a new bed in their new bedroom.

Master Bedroom

The boy’s room was a combination of their favourites, red and black.

Boy's Room

The upstairs hall was done in the same red pattern as the downstairs hall/gym.

Second Floor Hall

The second floor bathroom was done in lilac and black.

Second Floor Bath

A shower was added with space left for a future tub.

Shower and Future Tub

Tina brought home her best friend from school. Meet Sam Sekemoto. Nice boy.

Tina's Friend Sam

When Elvira got home she had some chores to do. Bring in the laundry.


Pack up the tent. Yippee!

No More Tent


As Anthony went to bed so early, he was up at 3:30 in the morning making breakfast.

Early Riser

But Elvira and Lucky weren’t interested in breakfast just yet.


After repairing a toilet, taking a shower and having breakfast Elvira started inventing.


She invented a Harvester. ‘Oh, I’m going to have fun with this,’ she said.


Benny went to work at Doo Peas Corporate Towers for the day. School performance improved. He’s an A student now. He works hard to keep up appearances.


Nice time to be interrupted by a phone call.


Lucky found some scrap, 2 teddy bear, rubber ducky and some bubble bath.

Not Too Lucrative

Tina went to a free game which improved her school performance. She enjoyed the game and went home to her easel.

Ball Game

Her brothers played chess until it was time for Anthony to go to work.

A Friendly Game?

Tina and Lucky played catch. Lucky needs to go to work soon, but he wanted to spend some time with his little girl.

Playing Ball

Anthony had his birthday when he left work. He was all alone.

Birthday Boy

Now that Anthony is a young adult what will he get up to?

Anthony Grows Up

Before heading for bed Elvira has a desire to blow something up. One of the items she had found in the Junk Yard would do nicely.

Getting Ready for Detonation

She planted the explosive and ran for safety.

A Safe Distance

She ran back and scratched her head. Oh dear!


As the smoke cleared.


All that was left was scrap and singed grass.


Elvira collected it.


And went off to look through the new telescope. Looks like her jewlery survived unscathed.


Lucky was arrested.

Not so Lucky

Well this will be a good time to make some friends.

Serving Time Making Friends

Elvira went off for a shower and bed shortly without knowing.


What will happen now that Anthony is a young adult? Will Lucky be in jail long? Read the next chapter to find out. Chapter 5 coming soon.

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7 Responses to Tennor Criminal Legacy Chapter 4

  1. More … more! You are a good storyteller. I also was admiring all the great patterns you used in your designs. EQ

  2. Rawla says:

    Awesome update. So many things going on with this family. It is a joy to read. I never know what to expect. 🙂

  3. Buttonsginger says:

    Great Update!

  4. Buttonsginger says:

    Love it!!

  5. fidlerten says:

    Very interesting MerryWiddow; a storyboard blog. I’ve signed up to be notified of site updates.


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