Cheer Up Shelter of Hope Chapter 7

Day 7

Beth volunteered to make breakfast again today. Waffles! Mmmm good! But Beth was bored.

Breakfast Starts a New Day

Poor Adam had to travel through the main room of the house on his way outside to play. He was suddenly overcome by claustrophobia. Way too many people.


Everything started to break down. Both showers, two toilets and the kitchen sink. Victor helped with the repairs.

Major Breakdowns

Otto took care of most of them though. He is so fast at repairs now.

Otto to the Rescue

After breakfast, Otto did some strength training.

Work It, Work It, Work It,

Amy played chess while Adam played with his blocks. She would love to play with blocks with him, but EA won’t let her.


Aura had help in the garden again. Beth helped until it was time to go to work and Keviana helped as well.

Helping Hands

After Beth left for work, Amy took over for her.

Amy's Turn

Some time was spent at the library in the afternoon. (Sorry, no picture of Xander) Xander and Keviana studied a little gardening and Amy studied cooking.


Aura spent a little time working on that gardening skill.

Aura Too is Studying

It’s Adam’s birthday.

Birthday Boy

He was happy to age up alone. He is very artistic and knew even at this young age that he wanted to be an Illustrious Author.

Aww... isn't he cute?

Xander, Beth and Aura missed out on the marshmallow roasting. But everyone else had a good time.

Roasting Marshmallows

Beth got a promotion. Yippee!

A Promotion

A little chatting around the fire pit. Xander was very uncomfortable talking to Adam, so didn’t talk for long.


Amy made dinner to try out what she had learned at the library.

Practice Makes Perfect

Everyone finished eating and left a plate for Otto. With everyone off to bed Otto finished his dinner alone.

Last Meal of the Day

That’s all for day 7. I’ll update statistics at the end of day 8.


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  1. Buttonsginger says:

    Adam is soooooooooooooooooo cute! Yum! Marshmallow Roast!!

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