Cheer Up Shelter of Hope Chapter 8

Day 8

Sunday morning got off to a slow start. First Amy and Keviana got up.

Slow Start

Then Xander got up with Otto dreaming about photography. And Victor dreaming about babies?


Adam choose to chat with someone online.

Chatting Online

Aura, after a shower, started on the harvest.


Victor really enjoyed his apple pancakes.

Mmmm... Good

Xander watched a little TV.

Enjoying TV

Beth started in cleaning house.

So Much Fun

And finally Otto repaired the toilet yet again. There is another one too Otto.

Mr. Fix It

Keviana did a little fertilizing in the garden with fresh caught fish.


Xander helped with the watering. Xander loves his underwear.

Water Boy

We sold all of Adam’s baby things, except the block table, and bought him an easel.

New Easel

Xander has and opportunity to go to France to interview a French person for school.


In France

Xander asked Amy to come with him to France. She was totally surprised.


She was even more surprised and very flattered when he flirted with her.

More Surprising

She hugged him.

A Hug

She gave him their first kiss.

First Kiss

He then asked her to go steady…

Will you be my girl?

And they sealed it with a kiss.

More Kissing

Xander then checked for adventures while Amy looked on. (Oh, that’s gotta hurt.)

Checking for Adventures

Xander reported in to Jean Luc Beaumont for the adventure. They had to go to the Forgotten Burial Mound and retrieve a mysterious object.

Reporting In

After purchasing supplies they started their adventure. Amy cheers Xander on while he clears their first obstacle.

Cheering Section

They continued to explore and find secret doors and treasure. Xander found the mysterious object. But they continued to explore.


Xander explored a dive pool and Amy collected treasure.

Excellent Dive!

Amy was so startled when Xander just disappeared into a sarcophagus. She didn’t know what to do. She froze.


He was then ejected.

Get Out of Here!

Amy looked on in awe.

Awe Struck

Xander was shaken but alright.


I think Amy thought it a little bit funny.


But she gave him a hug anyway.

There, There

Xander found a dig site.

Digging for Treasure

Amy found a rock.

Wow! Just sitting there.

Then Amy found a dig site too.

Amy's Turn to Dig

Xander delivered the mysterious object.

The Delivery

Then Amy and Xander went fishing together.


Amy and Xander are on their second day in France. It is 1:13pm and Amy just caught her first frog.

Huge Frog

A few minutes later Xander caught his first frog. He proudly shows it off.

Look at the size of that thing!

They fished for a few hours then went to the cafe for dinner, frogs legs. Then both tired from a long day, they went back to base camp to read a little before sleep.

A Relaxing Read

Their final day in France dawned with Xander breaking the toilet.

Fixing the Toilet

Amy made delicious pancakes.

More Cooking Practice

Xander washed the dishes. Such a good husband he will make.

Good Sign

Xander checked to see if there were any adventures today. His help is needed to find out why the security guards are leaving their posts at the Museum.

Xander to the Rescue

When Xander reported in to Colette Bonnet he achieved his level 1 visa. Good job Xander.

Level 1

Meanwhile Amy went to the Nectary to raid their garden.

Raiding the Garden

Xander found out why the security guards were leaving their post, but there was more to the adventure.

Ewww... Bugs!

After reporting in yet again, Xander now needs to find the source of noises.

Another Adventure

When Amy had finished with the garden she explored in the basement a little.


Xander completed the adventure and found the reason for the noise. He received another adventure, but they both ran out of time. Their trip was over.

Upon returning to Sunset Valley Xander gave Amy a great big kiss.

Talk about a miss

Aura spent some time working out. You can see Victor’s latest ‘masterpiece’ in the background.

Working Out

Keviana spent some time at the Library studying up on her gardening.

Quiet Time at the Library

Adam spent some time fishing at the new pond they had put in. A local business man wanted to give them a gift that would go on giving.

The Gift

Another broken sink and Otto to the rescue.

Mr. Fix It to the Rescue Again

Amy and Xander analyze all of their finds from France.


Amy thought frogs would be great fertilizer.

Frog Fertilizer

Xander agreed.

In Agreement

Beth, even though very tired, insisted on cleaning house.

Can't Stand Dirt

Everyone is snug in their beds and Amy and Aura are dreaming the same thing.

Night, Night

Xander too! Not sure what that symbol means. I think it has something to do with gardening.

Mysterious Symbol

The final total of family funds for the end of day 8 is $19,669.

Career: Painter – Paintbrush Patsy Level 4
$587 Earned – $538 dollars to the next level
Painting 6
Photography 1
Handiness 1

Career: Latrine Cleaner Level 1
Logic 1
Handiness 5
Athletic 4

Career: Spice Runner Level 2
Cooking 5
Gardening 4

Career: Gardener – Master Weeder Level 4
$971 Earned – $634 dollars to the next level
Cooking 1
Gardening 8
Handiness 1

School Grade: A
Career: Produce Quality Assessor Level 1
Logic 1
Cooking 2
Fishing 2
Gardening 4

School Grade: B
Career: Burial Specialist Level 1
Fishing 1
Gardening 3
Guitar 2

School Grade: A
Career: Blue Light Special Designator Level 2
Logic 1
Fishing 1
Gardening 5

School Grade: C
Logic 3
Painting 3
Writing 1

Well that is the end of day 8. Day 9 coming soon.

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