Cheer Up Shelter of Hope Chapter 9

Day 9

A New Week Begins

Otto was the first up. Off to start his new job.

New Job

We have a new member of the household. Meet Marlena, a minnow caught by Adam.


Adam started his day collecting rocks and hiding in the bushes.

Finding Rocks

Then he was so excited about his first day of school, he ran to the bus.

Running for the Bus

Followed by Xander.

Wait for Me

Amy’s still eating breakfast and Keviana hasn’t even gotten dressed yet.

Slow Pokes

Victor started right in on a new painting.

New Start

This is Adam’s first painting.

Adam's First Painting

Aura decided to make pancakes. As you can see she’s dirtied the counter.

Aura Cooking Breakfast

Beth had the enviable chore of cleaning out the fridge. This was immediately followed by breakfast and cleaning the house.

Beth Starts her Day

After a shower, Beth was pleased to be off to work.

Off to Work

After school Xander and Amy decided to quit their jobs as start up a business as self-employed Anglers.

Self-employed Anglers

Ever since Victor had returned from Egypt he has wanted to go back.

Returning to Egypt

Day 1 In Egypt

Victor arrived at base camp eager to start his adventure. He has 8 days in Egypt. This was going to be a great vacation.

Great Vacation

While waiting for the market to open, Victor met Sopdu Hawas. They chatted for a while.


He learned the song ‘Under the Hot Desert Sun’.

Learning a Song

With the market now open, Victor could obtain the camera he so much wanted.

New Camera

Victor visited the Ruins of Karnak, then went back to base camp and had some dinner. He took a couple of pictures. Then he slept in the Tomb of Discovery.

End of Day 1

Day 2 In Egypt

Victor started his day with a good freak out.

Good Way to Start the Day

He spent some time chatting with the locals then sat down to read a little.


He then went in search of the Pyramid of the Wind.

Pyramid of the Wind

There he collected some treasure and spent the night.

A Big Rock

Day 3 In Egypt

He has completed his mission, so it is now time to report in.

Reporting In

Victor felt it was time for a bath and he didn’t have time to return to base camp.

Sponge Bath

He stopped by the bookstore to buy some recipes for Beth. Nepthy thought him eccentric to be shopping in his underwear.

Inappropriate Trait Showing

He did a little excavating.

Hope there are Relics

Next he checked the sink and then he checked for adventures. His mission, find 11 pieces of copper.

Finding Copper

Day 4 In Egypt

Day 4 found him still searching for copper.

Still Searching

He found a dig site at the Ship’s Oasis.

Carefully Digging

He finally delivered the copper.

Delivering Copper

Victor spent the night in base camp.

End of Day

Day 5 In Egypt

Day 5 dawned with Victor deciding to continue his exploration of the Great Sphinx.

Great Sphinx

Working hard to clear rubble…

More Rubble

He takes a moment to scratch his a$$.

Gotta Take Care of that Itch

Yippee the cell phone works deep underground. He has a mission to befriend 3 locals and ask them how they feel about MorcuCorp.

New Mission

After a close call with a mummy,

Mummy Sighting

Victor headed back to base camp for a good nights sleep.

After a Good Day

Day 6 In Egypt

He spent his sixth day making 3 friends and asking them about MorcuCorp.

Making Friends

He then reported into Shadia Rashid. He was given a further mission to enter the Tomb of the Burning Sands and harvest 5 flame fruit. Back to base camp and sleep.

Big Day Tomorrow

Day 7 In Egypt

Victor started his day excavating a couple of dig sites.

Slight Detour

He then went to the Tomb of the Burning Sands. Lovely door slides right into the ground.

Gaining Entry

A couple of fire traps and statues later, he managed to harvest a couple of flame fruit. He is again clearing a rubble pile and there is another one around the corner.

Getting Fit

A belly flop into a dive pool.

Oh, that's gotta hurt!


Lovely Treasure

Victor found a harvested enough flame fruit. Mission accomplished. Now time for a good nights sleep.

So Hot in Here

Day 8 In Egypt

The morning of his last day Victor delivered the flame fruit to Shadia Rashid.

Delivering Flame Fruit

His next mission is to ask about an Ancient book. This means making friends with Fikry Ameen first.

Making a New Friend

Okay that lead to another mission but it is too late to start now. So I think a little reading is in order.

Relaxing Finish to the Trip

Back Home

Wow Xander is actually smiling.

Lovely Smile

Adam is playing tag with Sandi French. Ooo matching outfits.

Playing Tag

Otto has found a new hobby. This will help him relax after a long day.

New Hobby

Aura is planting one of the seeds Victor brought back from Egypt.

Mystery Seed

Adam got some help with his homework from Otto.


While Adam was doing his homework, Aura was pushing Sandi on the swing.

Having Fun

All the teens worked hard on their homework too. Gotta keep those grades up if you want to get anywhere in life.

Doing Homework

We invested in sprinklers today. Now Otto just needs to find time to upgrade them.

New Sprinklers

Everyone snugly tucked in the beds for the night.

Night All!

The final total of family funds for the end of day 9 is $28,681.

Career: Painter – Paintbrush Patsy Level 4
$994 Earned – $131 dollars to the next level
Painting 6
Photography 2
Handiness 2
Athletic 2
Charisma 4 (He spent some time in front of a mirrir in Egypt.)

Career: Military – Latrine Cleaner Level 1
Logic 2
Handiness 5
Athletic 4

Career: Culinary – Vegetable Slicer Level 3
Cooking 5
Gardening 4

Career: Gardener – Fertilizer Flinger Level 5
$1,687 Earned – $2,418 dollars to the next level
Cooking 2
Gardening 8
Handiness 1

School Grade: A
Career: Angler – Rod and Reel Rookie Level 1
$0 Earned – $30 dollars to the next level
Logic 1
Cooking 2
Fishing 3
Gardening 4

School Grade: B
Career: Angler – Rod and Reel Rookie Level 1
$0 Earned – $30 dollars to the next level
Fishing 2
Gardening 3
Guitar 2

School Grade: A
Career: Grocery – Blue Light Special Designator Level 2
Logic 1
Fishing 1
Gardening 5

School Grade: C
Logic 3
Painting 3
Writing 1

Well that is the end of day 9. Chapter 10 coming soon…

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  1. Buttonsginger says:

    Who knew Otto could be handsome? Well, maybe Aura did…
    Love the last shot of Adam! Great Update, I love what you are doing!

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