Cheer Up Shelter of Hope Chapter 10

Day 10

A Slow Day

The day began Otto going off to work. Then all the teens and Adam got into the school bus to go to school.

Off to School

Aura went out to work in her garden.

Healthy Garden

Beth, after cleaning around the house, sat down study for her cooking skill.


Victor started to work on a new painting.

New Inspiration

Otto finished work. He got a raise and a promotion. Does this guy ever smile?

A Promotion

He was asked if he wanted to compete in an Athletic Competition. He agreed so off her went to the Stadium. Is that his competition in the background?

Entering a Competition

Xander went over to Ethan Bunch’s house after school.

A New Friend

Otto didn’t win but did manage to increase his athletic skill a little.

Feeling Strong

Tired out after a long day with a very early start Otto needed a nap.

Sleep Little Baby...

Xander came home and he and Amy did a little fishing. Adam joined them after doing his homework.

Group Fishing

Keviana likes this fishing pond in the front yard. Just a little fun before homework.

Nice Pond

Meanwhile, Xander sold some fish at the grocery store.

Selling Fish

Amy did the same.

Amy Too

Beth finished work for the day. She was exhausted and went straight home to bed, after going to the bookstore for Xander. There was a sale on books today and she didn’t want to miss it.

Book for Xander

Otto woke from his nap and recycled the newspaper.

Recycling is Good

Winding down for the day Amy is doing her homework, Xander is just sitting down to do his. Victor is feeding the fish and Aura grabs a bite to eat.

The Common Room

Outside Keviana is doing her homework by the pond.

Pretty Surroundings

Otto and Aura do a little dancing.

Dancing the Night Away

Grooving to the Music

Otto give her a kiss goodnight.

Good Night Hon

Xander wants to learn the bait for trout so quickly reads the book Beth brought home for him. Then it was off to bed for him as well.

Interesting Book

Well that is the end of day 10.

The final total of family funds for the end of day 10 is $28,499. This is lower than yesterday because of buying skill books and the fishing book for Xander. There was a sale at the book store. We also bought 2 of these.

To Pretty the Bedrooms

Career: Painter – Paintbrush Patsy Level 4
$994 Earned – $131 dollars to the next level
Painting 6
Photography 2
Handiness 2
Athletic 2
Charisma 4

Career: Military – Mess Hall Server Level 2
Logic 2
Handiness 5
Athletic 4

Career: Culinary – Vegetable Slicer Level 3
Cooking 5
Gardening 4

Career: Gardener – Fertilizer Flinger Level 5
$1,687 Earned – $2,418 dollars to the next level
Cooking 2
Gardening 8
Handiness 1

School Grade: A
Career: Angler – Empty Net Trawler Level 2
$76 Earned – $29 dollars to the next level
Logic 1
Cooking 2
Fishing 3
Gardening 4

School Grade: A
Career: Angler – Empty Net Trawler Level 2
$86 Earned – $19 dollars to the next level
Fishing 3
Gardening 3
Guitar 2

School Grade: A
Career: Grocery – Blue Light Special Designator Level 2
Logic 1
Fishing 2
Gardening 5

School Grade: B
Fishing 1
Logic 3
Painting 3
Writing 1

Well that is the end of day 10. Not such great progress today. Looking forward to day 11.


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  1. Buttonsginger says:

    Great update! Makes me want to stay up past my bedtime and play my household!

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