Cheer Up Shelter of Hope Chapter 11

Day 11


Otto started his day with another early morning. Cereal, yummy.

Early Start

Adam ran out to play in the sprinkler.

Fun in the Sprlinker

Everyone on the bus for school. Adam must be hiding behind the seat today.

Another Day at School

Time for a good freak out.

That's Better

Beth is reading a new recipe.

Hungry for More Knowledge

Victor took a couple of his paintings to the Consignment Store.

Consigning More 'Masterpieces'

Xander brought a friend home from school, but it was Amy who spent time with Bella.

Getting to Know Bella

We have our first casualties in the garden.

First Planted - First to Die

Xander decided to do his homework in the garden beside the girls; in his underwear!

Being Inappropriate

Aura has spent the whole day in the garden and she has a green aura about her.

Green Aura

I think Beth was asking Xander why he was in his underwear around the girls.

Responding to Question

Otto had to work late repairing an airplane. Does he look a little fatter to you?

Letting Himself Go

Burn those calories Otto.

Feel the Burn

Beth is making Ratatouille. She looks a little worried about it though. Adam is busy painting and you can see Victor’s latest. Speaking of Victor…

What is Beth worried about?

Victor is off to Egypt again. Good luck Victor.

Off to Egypt

While in Egypt…

He inspected holes in the wall and holes in the floor.

Holes and More Holes

He cleared rubble.

Rubble Piles Galore

He met new people.

New Friends

He achieved his level 2 Visa.

Good for you, Victor

He freaked out.

Feeling better now?

He disarmed traps.

Those Darned Traps

He opened chests.

Take All

He inserted keystones.

Unlocking Doors

He activated floor switches.

Jump and Jump Again

He even hacked a computer.

Oh look at that!

I thought this was priceless.

Cross Eyes

He went swimming.

The water is just right.

He found hidden doors.


He explored dive pools.

Oh this is deep!

He pushed and pulled statutes.

Was that a grunt Victor?

And he slept in tombs.


He looked into many Sarcophagi.

Looking with Trepidation

He had a run ins with Mummies.

Mummy Alert

He braved many bugs.


He excavated many dig sites.

Finding Relics

I wasn’t quick enough with the picture, but Victor just flamed a couple of mummies.

Toasted Mummy Anyone?

An amusing greet after reporting in with his final adventure; The Relic of Eternity.

Ha Ha Ha!

Victor analyzes all of his finds before heading into the relic merchant to sell them.

Analyzing... analyzing!

Victor’s eight days in Egypt are over. Victor was very busy and managed to complete 3 tombs and comb the countryside for treasures. He slept where ever he was and spent very little time in base camp. He ate a lot of Dried Food. Freaked out A LOT. Most of the time he had the Entertained moodlet. He has 45% done toward his level 3 Visa. He also harvested a Life Plant and a Death Flower while in Egypt. Maybe… well we’ll see. When back in Sunset Valley he jogged home from the airport. Pretty good for an old guy.

Back Home

At the end of the day Aura went to the grocery store to sell her produce.

A Good Crop

Good night all.

Sweet Dreams

Well that is the end of day 11. And an added bonus picture just for fun. Freaky picture. There are two of him.

A Little Glitch

The final total of family funds for the end of day 11 is $74,394.

Career: Painter – Paintbrush Patsy Level 4
$994 Earned – $131 dollars to the next level
Painting 7
Photography 3
Handiness 3
Athletic 4
Charisma 5

Career: Military – Mess Hall Server Level 2
Logic 2
Handiness 5
Athletic 4

Career: Culinary – Vegetable Slicer Level 3
Cooking 5
Gardening 4

Career: Gardener – Fertilizer Flinger Level 5
$5,864 Earned – $1,241 dollars to the next level
Cooking 2
Gardening 9
Handiness 1

School Grade: A Honor Roll
Career: Angler – Empty Net Trawler Level 2
$76 Earned – $29 dollars to the next level
Logic 1
Cooking 2
Fishing 3
Gardening 4

School Grade: A
Career: Angler – Empty Net Trawler Level 2
$86 Earned – $19 dollars to the next level
Fishing 3
Gardening 3
Guitar 2

School Grade: A
Career: Grocery – Shopping Music DJ Level 3
Logic 1
Fishing 2
Gardening 5

School Grade: A
Fishing 1
Logic 3
Painting 3
Writing 1

Chapter 12 coming soon…

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