Cheer Up Shelter of Hope Chapter 12

Day 12

Amy’s Birthday

The day begins with every one eating and chatting in the common room. Adam, however, found it too claustrophobic. Today is Amy’s birthday.

Too Many People

Amy and Xander are already on the bus and Adam is running.

Off to School

After breakfast Otto went jogging and improved his athletic skill.


Aura played computer games.

Faster, Faster

Beth went to the library to study cooking books.

More Studying

Victor jogged to the Consignment Store where he consigned his latest.

Keep in Shape

Aura, after a shower, went to do some gardening.

Growing Concern

Xander got on the honor roll. Yay Xander!

Proud of you Xander.

Otto joined Beth at the library. He wanted to read up on upgrading the sprinklers.

Learning from Books

Xander went to the park to play his guitar.

Having a Blast

Amy and Keviana went fishing in the pond at home. Keviana has also made it to the honor roll.


Keviana ran for the car pool to go to work and Amy showed off her latest catch.

Big One!

Otto, back home again is talking to his boss, with Victor in the background working on his painting.

Catching Up with Work

Amy brought a friend, Malcolm Landgraab, home from school, so she had to leave her fishing.

Making New Friends

Otto figured out how to upgrade the water sprinkler.

Yippee for Auto Water

Adam found a big rock.

Pretty Rock Purple Rock

Amy asked Malcolm to play chess.

Practicing While Befriending

Amy’s birthday cake waits for them to finish their homework.

Yummy Incentive

Aura sold some of her produce to the Bistro. The chef was very, very impressed.

Impressive Crop

Amy is pleased to be growing up.

Birthday Time

Victor seems to think it’s funny.

Ha! Ha! Ha!

Everyone joined in on the party.

Cheering for Amy

Xander also is thinking it’s funny.

You're Turn Soon

Sparkles and a spin.

Oh! Pretty!

Meet Amy as a young adult.

Graduated with Honors

Everyone enjoying cake.

Yummy Cake

Victor paid the bills.

Don't forget those bills Victor.

And so ends another day. Aura didn’t get to the market to sell her produce and Xander and Amy didn’t get there either with their fish. So they can sell them tomorrow. Both Beth and Otto had the day off today. Also tomorrow Beth has to learn how to make Crepes.

Good Night All

The final total of family funds for the end of day 12 is $74,564.

Career: Painter – Paintbrush Patsy Level 4
$994 Earned – $131 dollars to the next level
Painting 7
Photography 3
Handiness 3
Athletic 4
Charisma 5

Career: Military – Mess Hall Server Level 2
Logic 2
Handiness 5
Athletic 5

Career: Culinary – Vegetable Slicer Level 3
Cooking 7
Gardening 4

Career: Gardener – Fertilizer Flinger Level 5
$5,864 Earned – $1,241 dollars to the next level
Cooking 2
Gardening 9
Handiness 1

School Grade: Graduated
Career: Angler – Empty Net Trawler Level 2
$76 Earned – $29 dollars to the next level
Logic 3
Cooking 2
Fishing 3
Gardening 4

School Grade: A Honor Roll
Career: Angler – Empty Net Trawler Level 2
$86 Earned – $19 dollars to the next level
Fishing 4
Gardening 3
Guitar 2

School Grade: A Honor Roll
Career: Grocery – Shopping Music DJ Level 3
Logic 1
Fishing 2
Gardening 5

School Grade: A
Fishing 2
Logic 3
Painting 3
Writing 1

Chapter 13 coming soon…


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    Enjoyed this update! waiting for more!

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