Cheer Up Shelter of Hope Chapter 13

Day 13

Xander’s Birthday

Aura started her day early working out. She then jogged to the grocery store and sold yesterday’s produce.

Working Out

Otto started his day with a shower, cleaning the sink and cleaning up the cake dishes from the night before.


As Otto leaves in the car pool in the distance, Aura starts on her gardening.


Adam doesn’t seem too happy that the school bus is here.

I don't want to go to school!

Keviana slept right up to the school bus arriving.

Nearly Missed the Bus

Amy gives Xander a friendly hug as he runs off to his last day of school.

Have a good last day!

Amy can now get serious about fishing.

Fish Indefinitely

Victor has taken a liking to exercising and Beth in the background is baking cookies.

Starting the Day

Beth has delivered her cookies to the school bake sale. Now she has to run to catch her flight to France.

Yummy Cookies

Amy really loves her job.

Having a Blast

Beth In France

Beth arrived safely in France and checked for Adventures.

Mmm, that looks interesting.

Her first adventure took her to this man, Francois Lambert. She was strangely attracted to him. ‘His face has so much character,’ she thought.

Meeting Francois

He taught her the song ‘Je t’aime’.


She felt such a tingle just being near him.


She left, reluctantly, to go to her next mission.

New Mission

She stopped by the Burial Grounds to excavate a dig site.

Taking Care

Dinner of a cheese plate alone in the Cafe. She thought of Francois.

Thinking of Him

She accepted another mission to make nectar.

Oh, squishy.

While the nectar machine was churning away, she went into the tomb below and found some treasure.

Finding Treasure

But who should show up at the Nectary but Francois. She greeted him.

Kiss, Kiss

They were drawn together.

Magnetic Attration

He sang to her.

Beautiful Song

She couldn’t resist. She kissed him.

First Kiss

He had to leave so she went on making nectar and hunting for treasure while the machine was churning.

Filling Time Profitably

Back Home

She was in the middle of making nectar when her trip ended. Upon returning home Beth had just enough time to get to work for her shift.

Wonderful Trip

Aura when we left, had an opportunity to repair a TV and return it to the owner. I got this message. As she was accused of selling it when she didn’t, and the opportunity disappeared…

Game Glitch

Victor repaired it, and sold it for $500.

Repairing TV

Victor played in the sprinklers for a while.

Never Too Old

Otto got a promotion.

Good for you Otto!

Adam brought home a friend, Marci Ursine.

Making Friends

Victor had to repair their own TV as well. While Xander is working out in the background.

More Repairs

Victor got a promotion and announced it to Adam who seems to have a broken heart. I wonder why?

Mystery Heartbreak

He and Marci played in the sprinkler while Otto upgraded another one.

Hard Work and Play

Now we have a fitness class going.

Working Out Together

It’s Xander’s birthday.

Birthday Boy!

Aura and Adam cheer.


Again Victor thinks it’s funny.

Everyone Celebrating

Everyone cheers him on.

Go Xander Go!

Amy is delighted.

Blow out the candles!

Sparkles and a spin.

Pretty Colours

And we have a young adult Xander.

Meet Xander as a Young Adult

Poor Adam is overcome by the crowd.

Feeling Trapped

Beth got a promotion.

Yeah, Beth!

Cake all around, but Beth was too late and cleaned the dishes instead.

Yummy Cake

Xander was so happy to be all grown up.

Sharing a Moment

He fell down on one knee and proposed to Amy.

Will you marry me?

She accepted.

Yes, oh yes!

They were both very happy.

The Happy Couple

Sweet dreams.

Dreaming of the Upcoming Wedding Cake

Aww… Xander is dreaming of the wedding.

Dreams of the Future

And Amy is dreaming of babies.

More Dreams of the Future

The final total of family funds for the end of day 13 is $96,426.

Career: Painter – Art Gallery Rookie Level 6
$2,186 Earned – $2,439 dollars to the next level
Athletic 5
Charisma 5
Cooking 1
Handiness 3
Painting 7
Photography 3

Career: Military – Grunt Level 3
Logic 2
Athletic 5
Handiness 5

Career: Culinary – Ingredient Taster Level 4
Cooking 7
Gardening 5
Nectar Making 3

Career: Gardener – Bushwhacker Level 6
$4,180 Earned – $7,45 dollars to the next level
Athletic 2
Cooking 2
Gardening 9
Handiness 1

Career: Angler – Empty Net Trawler Level 2
$76 Earned – $29 dollars to the next level
Logic 3
Athletic 1
Cooking 2
Fishing 5
Gardening 4

School Grade: Graduated
Career: Angler – Empty Net Trawler Level 2
$86 Earned – $19 dollars to the next level
Athletic 1
Fishing 4
Gardening 3
Guitar 2

School Grade: A Honor Roll
Career: Grocery – Shopping Music DJ Level 3
Logic 1
Fishing 2
Gardening 5

School Grade: A Honor Roll
Fishing 2
Logic 3
Painting 3
Writing 1

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  1. Buttonsginger says:

    Wow! Your funds are great! You really know how to play ! Nice to see the career and skill levels.

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