Du Soleil Strand Beach

Built a Beautiful Beach front with lots of activities for the whole family! From Toddler to Elder. We want to be able to take the whole family there for the whole day. So Toilets and Showers will be needed. (I forgot the showers. Oops!) New version with showers.
No Diner or Restaurant please! The Strand 1 Will have a restaurant on.
Examples of what you can put in…: Swings, Gnubb, Firepit, Picnic, etc.

Address: The Strand 2 in Du Soleil by Magician1

Size 40 x 30… It is not a flat lot….

NO CC!!!!

All TS3 Game, EP, SP and Store Items are welcome…

Well here is my entry, Du Soleil Strand Beach.

Plenty to do for the whole family at this beach. Built at Strand 2 in Du Soleil by Magician1. A 40 x 30 lot on the beach. Playground, lookout with telescope, washrooms (incl. potty), chess tables, and Gnubb. Fun for all from toddler to elder.

Du Soleil Strand Beach

Du Soleil Strand Beach Download

Du Soleil Strand Beach II Download Showers added. New pictures added to the end of the post to show changes.

Playing Gnubb with Chess Area in the Background

Washrooms in Background

Lounging Area


View from Beach

Picnic Area under Lookout

Lookout with Telescope

View as Arriving

Fun for Kids and Toddlers Too



Seating Area on Second Level of Lookout

Washroom Hut

Men's Room with Two Cubicles

Men's Room with Two Sinks

Men's Room with Seating Area and Potty

Women's Room with Seating Area and Potty

Women's Room with Two Cubicles

Women's Room with Two Sinks

View from near the Lookout

View of Chess Area

Changes that you will see in the second version of the lot.

I took the table and chair out of the bathrooms and added a shower.

Men's Shower

Ladies Shower

I moved one of the chairs to the lounge area.

Lounge Area with added Chair

Lounge Area with added Chair

Added bonus picture. Roasting fish around the fire pit.

Roasting Fish around the Fire Pit



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Avid Sims 3 fan. Love TV and reading. Family important in my life. You will often find me at The Sims Creators' ConsortiumI.
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2 Responses to Du Soleil Strand Beach

  1. I think my favorite part is the watch tower with the picnic area underneath. Also love the color scheme and all the special touches. The picture ‘Roasting Fish around the Fire Pit’ would make a good picture for an advertisement for this location. -EQ

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