Cheer Up Shelter of Hope Chapter 14

Day 14

Adam’s Birthday

First thing Saturday morning Beth called Francois.

Misses Him Already

She invited him to visit. He will arrive tomorrow morning at 9:00 am.

The Invitation

Xander and Amy sold their fish and jogged to a new fishing area up in the hills.

Jogging Together?

‘This is a great spot’, Amy said.

Beautiful Surroundings

Aura went to work in the garden. I think she needs a day off.

8 Days a Week

Keviana did her homework while Beth cleaned up the house a little.

First Things First

Otto and Victor chatted over brunch.


Beth still busy making all of the beds.

I'm going to have to talk to them about making their own beds.

Otto jogged to the stadium to take part in the Amateur Olympics.

Jogging to a Competition

Keviana helped out in the garden.

Helping Hand

Victor jogged to the Consignment Store with his latest painting.

Keeping Fit

Adam just got home from a free game at the stadium. Beth is talking to Francois again with her car pool waiting for her across the street.

Can't wait until tomorrow.

Otto achieved total victory and was named an Olympian. The organizers awarded him $1,000 cash reward. Great job Otto!

Proud Winner

Otto then jogged home and started working on upgrading another sprinkler.

Helping Aura

The two artists at their work.

Two Artists

Aura went hunting for special seeds.

Wishing for a Money Tree

It’s Adam’s birthday.

Birthday Boy

Everyone cheered him on.

Cheering Him On

His Mom was very proud of him.

Proud Mom

Sparkles and Spin.

He jumped right out of his sparkles.

Meet Adam as a teenager. Good thing he gained the athletic trait.

Handsome Teen

As the game took over and Adam never blew out the candles, we didn’t get cake. So Beth made a Key Lime Pie. It was enjoyed by all.

Enjoying Key Lime Pie

As everyone was tired, they went to bed right after the pie.

Good night all!

The final total of family funds for the end of day 14 is $96,876.

Career: Painter – Art Gallery Rookie Level 6
$2,186 Earned – $2,439 dollars to the next level
Athletic 5
Charisma 5
Cooking 1
Handiness 4
Painting 7
Photography 3

Career: Military – Grunt Level 3
Logic 2
Athletic 5
Handiness 6

Career: Culinary – Ingredient Taster Level 4
Cooking 7
Gardening 5
Nectar Making 3

Career: Gardener – Bushwhacker Level 6
$4,180 Earned – $7,425 dollars to the next level
Athletic 2
Cooking 2
Gardening Mastered
Handiness 1

Career: Angler – Hook Baiter Level 3
$257 Earned – $302 dollars to the next level
Logic 3
Athletic 2
Cooking 2
Fishing 6
Gardening 4

Career: Angler – Hook Baiter Level 3
$263 Earned – $297 dollars to the next level
Athletic 3
Fishing 5
Gardening 3
Guitar 2

School Grade: A – Honor Roll
Career: Grocery – Shopping Music DJ Level 3
Logic 1
Fishing 2
Gardening 6

School Grade: Graduated to High School C
Fishing 2
Logic 3
Painting 4
Writing 2


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