Cheer Up Shelter of Hope Chapter 15 – Part 1

Day 15

Part 1 – Xander and Amy

The day dawned with Xander and Amy leaving for a trip to France.

On the way to the airport

Welcome to France.

A Welcoming Kiss

They jogged to the Nectary.

Keeping Fit

At a pretty spot in the Nectary they had their wedding. Amy looked at Xander and said, ‘This ring by its shape is a symbol of the undying love that I have for you’.

Undying Love

Xander smiled and said softly, ‘This ring is a symbol of purity which shall ever characterize our hearts.’

Pure Hearts

‘We will have happiness and make one another happy. We will have love and joy together.’

Joy Together

Xander kissed Amy gently.

The Kiss

New patch = New glitch. Apparently Xander works at the Specter Family Mausoleum in France. It will be interesting to see how this plays out. (Nothing came of it the whole trip. Odd considering he doesn’t work at the Mausoleum at home in Sunset Valley anymore.)

Odd Glitch

Xander went to the Eastern Hills Cemetery to complete his mission from their previous visit. Meanwhile Amy went to explore the Catacombs. She found ‘Little Leon Magic Gnome’ and some rather nasty moths.

Encounter with Nasty Moths

With the curator’s remains laid to rest Xander went to explore the Catacombs too. While they were exploring, Beth’s nectar finished churning. While we were waiting for Xander’s exploration to finish, Amy went back to the Nectary to collect Beth’s Nectar.

Beth's Nectar

She then went upstairs to have a bath. She decided it would be a good idea to clean her clothes at the same time.

Enjoying a Bath

She then went downstairs and tasted some Nectar.

Tasting Nectar

Xander is now sitting and taking a rest. He seems to be making sure he doesn’t miss a thing.

Resting in a Precarious Place

As Xander continued to explore, Amy went to the bookstore to buy some recipe books.

Buying Books

After many experiences in the Catacombs, Xander was scared by a gigantic, enraged zombie bear. He manged to collect an Unknown Special Seed and an Alabaster.

That better be some SPECIAL seed

Xander went to Colette Bonet, the Relic Merchant, and explained everything about the mission at the museum.

Reporting In

He then used the bathroom in the back to take a bath before meeting up with Amy at the Cafe.

Cleaning Up

After a cheese plate dinner…

Yummy Dinner

They went back to base camp and…

The Wedding Night

The next morning they agreed to spend the rest of their honeymoon adventuring and collecting whatever they could find.

The Agreement

While doing an adventure to get a date for Serge, Amy met Jeannine Lambert. Look who else she met. Yes that’s Francois.

Dinner with Francois and Jeannine

While hunting across the countryside for rocks and gems, Xander came across this butterfly.

Butterfly in for a Landing

Amy managed to get visa level 1. Great job Amy.

Visa 1 Accomplished

They worked together to solve the mystery of the Chateau du Landgraab.

Working Together

They even took some time in one of the many bedrooms for a little woohoo.

Time Out

Amy completed the mission at the Chateau.

Mission Complete

Xander found a date for Charlotte Dubois and reached visa level 2.

Visa 2 Accomplished

They raided the Nectary garden for Aura.

Harvesting Grapes

Xander found a dig site and excavated it. Amy is in the background is excavating another one.


The last day they fished all day. Amy sang the whole time. She has a very pretty voice.

Fun Fishing

When they only had a couple of hours left before their flight home. Xander went to Alexis’s Relics and sold off all of their finds. Amy went to the bookstore and got a book on bait for the local fish. They then sat down and played chess waiting for their shuttle to the airport.

Waiting for the Shuttle

Home again.

After a Great Trip

Part 2 coming soon…


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