Cheer Up Shelter of Hope – Chapter 15 – Part 2

Day 15

Part 2 – Otto and Aura

While Xander and Amy were on their way to the airport to go to France, Otto and Aura were on their way to the airport too. They are going to China.

Venturing Out

The first thing Otto did when they arrived, was to ask Aura to marry him.

'Aura, I love you. Will you marry me?'

She said yes.

Yes! Yes! Yes!

He was very happy.

'You've made me the happiest man on earth!'

They jogged, together, through the the town until they arrived at the Scholar’s Garden.

Jogging to the Scholar's Garden

Here in the serenity of the Garden they held a private wedding. As she placed the ring on his finger she whispered ‘This ring I give in token and pledge as a sign of my love and devotion, with this ring I thee wed’.

Aura's pledge

As he placed the ring on her finger he softly repeated the pledge, ‘This ring I give in token and pledge as a sign of my love and devotion, with this ring I thee wed’.

Otto's Pledge

They pledged their love and commitment to each other in these beautiful surroundings.

Beautiful Surroundings

They kissed to seal their hearts together.

The Kiss

A little later…

Otto had an overwhelming desire to learn martial arts. He discovered Aura had the same desire.

Learning Martial Arts the Hard Way

After the dummy fatigued them, Otto went to base camp to check for adventures.

Checking for Adventures

And Aura found a local fishing hole with a garden to raid.

Raiding the Garden

Back at Base Camp, they made dinner.

Making Dinner

After dinner they went upstairs to the honeymoon suite. Otto finally got a wish fulfilled he’d had for a long time.

Wish Come True

The next day they went in search of treasure and adventure. I found Otto was terrible at catching bugs, so when he got the adventure to catch Assassin bugs, I had Aura catch the bugs for him, while he found Aura’s platinum. Now that is working together. Here they are working together again in another adventure.

Working Together

They spent the night in the Dragon Cave.

Sleeping in a Tomb

Otto and Aura both got their level 1 visas.

Level 1 Visa Together Too

On their last day they sparred. Otto won 2-0.

The Opening

The Attack

The Response

The Evasion

Otto worked at breaking boards.

Working the Next Level

He then watched as Aura tried.

Worried for his Love

He cheered her success, if a little late.

Cheering Success

Even in China, Otto was Mr. Fix It.

Mr. Fix It

They had a meal of Egg Rolls while they waited for the shuttle to the airport. Their trip was over.

I guess we'll have that to go!

Otto doesn’t look too pleased that the trip is over. Of course, Otto never looks too happy.

Blissfully Happy

Part 3 coming soon…

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