Tennor Criminal Legacy Chapter 5

Generation 1 – Chapter 5



Lucky got out of jail in the morning.


When he got home he found Tina selling muffins in the front yard.

Selling Muffins

She was doing quite well.

More Customers

Elvira was at the mailbox just having sent off some gems to be cut.

Cutting Gems

Benny was making brunch. Anthony wasn’t home. He was out at the ‘warehouse’ getting a job as a Decoy.

Making Brunch

But all Lucky wanted to do was sleep. Why won’t they let him sleep in jail?

Much Needed Sleep

Elivira found Lucky’s certificate of achievement in the mail box. He has mastered athletics.

Athletic Masters

One of Tina’s customers, Marisa Rodriquez, decided to knock over their garbage can.

Kick the Can

Anthony decided she would be a good person to get to know.

Meeting Marisa

A little while later Lucky got up.

Raring to go!

He took Anthony to the Tattoo Parlour. He told him that now that he was a young adult, it was time for him to get the family tattoo.

It's Time Son

Like his father, Anthony got the tattoo in the middle of his back.

Family Crest

Meanwhile Elvira had taken her harvester out to a local garden to see how it worked.


It made her dizzy.


Later that evening it was time for birthdays. Benny was first.

Benny's B-Day

Not a bad looking young Sim.

Meet Benny YA

Next it was Tina’s turn. Everyone cheered.

Tina as a Teen

And finally it was Lucky’s turn to age up to an adult.

Lucky's Turn

He made a wish to be the Emperor of Evil.

Making a Wish

Blew out the candles.

It Will Come True

He was very happy to be more mature.

Lucky as an Adult


The next day Lucky started working on his Martial Arts.

Training with the Dummy

While his dad was working out, Benny went to the Tattoo Parlour to get his family tattoo.

Benny to the Tattoo Parlour

He also got it on his back like his father. He then went to the ‘warehouse’ and got a job as a Decoy.

Family Crest

The first day of work and Anthony was arrested. Not a good start.

Bad Start

Meanwhile at home Lucky was training his daughter.

Feel the Burn

Anthony got out of jail.

Happy Sim

Anthony went over to the gym where he ran into Lisa Bunch, a friend from school.

Meeting an Old Friend

He asked her out to dinner.

First Date

Meanwhile back home it was Elvira’s birthday.

Elvira's Turn to Age

With everyone cheering, she sparkled…

Cheering her on!

and spun into an adult.

Elvira as an Adult

Lucky had been promoted to Henchman the previous shift.


But it looks like he’s been arrested again.

Arrested Again

After dinner Anthony flirted with Lisa.

You're Very Pretty

They kissed. He felt she was his true love.

He couldn't resist!

He proposed and she felt the same way and said yes.

Will you marry me?

They were married immediately in a private wedding.

I Do

They went home to a new bed in a new bedroom added on to the house just for them.

Wedding Night

In the wee hours of the morning though, Lisa snuck out of the house and went over to the Crumplebottom house and…

Clandestine Visit

stole their car. She then went home a back to sleep as if nothing had happened.

Got It


Lucky has done quite well with his Martial Arts training. He has also spent some time with the telescope over the last couple of days.

Getting Better

Elvira had been spending time inventing in the past couple of days. She invented a Miner.

Digging a Hole

Yes that’s Central Park.

At Central Park

Anthony found a new house in town. Boy were they rich. Easy pickings.

Great Find

So he swiped one of their cars.

New Car

Elvira when finished at the park went over to the Science Centre and started to dig a whole there. She was surprised to find a network of tunnels. She decided to explore. “Elvira was challenged to a duel by some kind of underground dwarf king, but managed to get out of it by teaching the court how to play Charades. Elvira found a large cavern filled with ancient treasures, but as she was pocketing a few of the choicier bits a squad of fishermen guards stormed in screaming! Elvira ran so hard that she lost most of the loot! Elvira was doing ver well in tracking down a lost cavern of riches but a massive underground river blocked her path.” She had found some Fluorite. (In quotes direct from game info)

An Adventure

That night too in the wee hours, Lisa snuck out of the house and stole a car. She seems to be fitting into the household very well.

Sneaking Out

When Lucky got home from work he went to the telescope to have some much needed fun! He had been promoted to Evil Sidekick.

Having Fun

Chapter 6 coming soon…


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4 Responses to Tennor Criminal Legacy Chapter 5

  1. Rawla says:

    Aging up, weddings, jail time… wow. Great chapter! I did not know it was possible to steal cars.

  2. Buttonsginger says:

    Looks like Lisa is a great fit ! Love family tattoo. Have I mentioned that I find Lucky very attractive?

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