Cheer Up Shelter of Hope Chapter 17

Day 17, 18 and part of 19

Foreign Visitor Continued

Keviana was up early to start her first day of work at the hospital.

First Day of Work

Beth Chatted with Francois while he ate breakfast. He seems to be thinking of something important.

Engaging Thoughts

Beth gave him a good morning kiss.

Good Morning Dear

Which led to other things.

Flying Tent

Bath and Francois spent as much time together as they could.

Quality Time

Otto got a promotion to Level 5 of the Military Career.

Yippee Otto!

Francois played…

Swinging Single

While Beth studied.

I'd rather be playing.

Xander got the glitch back. I had to resetSim to get rid of it. Found the bowl on the floor in the living room. Beth finished cooking the waffles.

Cooking Glitch

Aura gardened a lot.

Big Job

Adam still likes to play in the sprinkler.


Otto is almost finished upgrading all of the sprinklers.

Almost done!

Francois eating while Adam did his homework.

Quiet Moment

Otto finished up with the sprinklers and spent some time playing chess.

If I move that one...

Adam brought a friend, Constance Bachman, home from school. Don’t they look cute together.

Cute Couple?

It was time for Francois to go back to France. Beth ran after him, “Wait! I’m coming with you.”

Wait up!

To be continued…


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