Simcoe Central Park

I used Sunset Valley to create a town of my own with my own builds. I’ve renamed the town Simcoe. The park will be the centre of that town.

Central band stand surrounded by playground, skill area, maze and picnic/BBQ area with bar. Great for parties. The whole park is surrounded by a canal stocked with fish. Enter over arched bridges. The park has all of the plants and flowers for the Photography Skill Journal except the Death Flower. Pretty gardens with seeds and butterflies.

Download from TS3 Exchange

Here you can see an overview of the park. In the top left is the skill area. There are chess tables and a telescope. Since the picture was taken I have also added an easel. Top right is a maze with a statue and benches in the centre. Bottom left is the playground including toys for the toddler too. Bottom right is the picnic area, BBQ and picnic tables are under a roof in case of ‘rain’ and a fire pit to roast your catch of the day from the canal that surrounds the park. There is also a bar in this area and stairs that lead down to the bathrooms. In the centre is a large band stand.

There are two chess tables in the skill area with plenty of lighting for the night owl. I was working to a budget when I built this park. I have since added a Gnubb set in the skill area of the park next to the chess tables.

The telescope is located right in front of the lovely rose garden. You can see one of the four arched bridges into the park and one of the small gardens that contain produce in the background.

In this picture you can see three of the produce areas, the chess area, the easel and a bit of the canal.

Here you can see the maze. The picture was taken from across the canal. In the foreground you can see another of the small produce gardens. There are a total of eight in the park. The park contains every plant and flower in the Photography Skill Journal except the “Death Flower Bush”.

In the centre of the maze are two benches, a beautiful statue and plenty of light for reading.

In this picture you can see the playground that includes a sandbox with toys for the toddler, child or the childish.

In the corner, behind the swings, is the sunflower garden.

In this picture of the playground, you can see a child enjoying the swing. If you look closely at the ground you will see seeds from one of the many seed spawners located in the park.

The playground is well lit at night.

The bench in the playground area, where parents can sit and read or chat, is also well lit at night.

Here you can see the bar in the picnic area with the picnic table area in the background.

In this picture you can see a couple of visitors to the park enjoying the bar. You can see the playground in the background and the stairs to the bathrooms on the right.

Here is my Sim, Jasmine, using the BBQ to feed her party guests. The BBQ is located under cover with a couple of picnic tables.

Here is another view of the picnic table area. You can see the Hydrangea garden and a little of the canal in the background.

The BBQ and picnic table area is well lit at night.

This is a view from outside the park of one of the arched bridges, the canal and in the distance, the band stand.

Here is a little closer view of the band stand. Jasmine is entertaining her guests with the guitar.

In this picture you can see the detail in the floor of the band stand. I hope this also gives you an idea of how big it is. I hope there is enough room for a ‘Band’ from the Late Night EP to set up and play for the crowds.

The band stand is well lit at night for the party animals.

This picture was taken with the canal and the Hydrangea garden in the foreground. You can see a good view of the picnic area corner of the park with the band stand in the centre.

The bathroom pictures. First the ladies room.

The gents is not much different.

The hallway outside the bathrooms has a little decorative area. I forgot to add a potty chair before I uploaded and here is where I suggest you add it for the training and use of the toddlers at the park. Mom or Dad will have to take them down and back up the stairs, but it is better than letting them soil themselves.

A view from the bottom of the stairs.

A couple more random shots. Here the white rose garden and a little of the canal with the active fish.

A view down one side of the canal toward one of the arched bridges.

The red rose garden and an active fish in the canal.

And finally, the flags blowing in the breeze.

There is no third party custom content. There are some store items and I have WA, Ambitions, HELS and FL.



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8 Responses to Simcoe Central Park

  1. Buttonsginger says:

    I see you answered my question about third party content….I am downloading this into my game! Thank you so much for your hard work. It is lovely, I especially like the maze. Another fantastic creation !

  2. Krisque says:

    This is absolutely lovely I downloaded earlier and have installed and more sims show up here than did in my old park!

  3. SimEve says:

    Beautiful MerryWiddow!

  4. Gramcrackers says:

    That place is just georgous!

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