Tennor Criminal Legacy Chapter 7

Generation 1 – Chapter 7

Egyptian Holiday

Elvira and Tina arrived in Egypt. It was a hot sunny day, like every day during their visit. Tina loved to entertain the locals with her guitar.

Playing Guitar under the Hot Desert Sun

She would play for tips in the local market.

Learning while Earning

Elvira decided to dig for treasure in the base camp.

Hard at Work

Checking her progress.

Taking a Closer Look

Next on the agenda, after learning Senet, was to go tomb raiding.

Finding Treasure

She found a lot of hidden doors.

What could this be?

She had a close call with a Mummy.

Close call!

And an even closer call.

Where's my mommy?

Oh I'm scarred!

That hurt!

She lost but was lucky not to be cursed.

Well fought!

But she passed out from fright.

Sweet Oblivion!

Elvira and Tina spent some time together, but mostly Tina played her guitar. She is so close now to mastering the guitar and has learned all of the songs. Elvira found a lot of great rocks and gems. Also plenty of relics. Upon returning home she sent a lot of them out for cutting or smelting. She analyzed all of the relics. She sold many but kept a few of them. Here are some pictures of the treasure room in the basement.



Gold Figurines

More Gems

Entrance to the basement is by dive well. Very secure.

Dive Well Entrance

Basement Dive Well and Metals

The family is now worth over $300,000 Simoleons thanks greatly to Anthony and Lisa (and my building a couple of ‘Car Lots’ Lol!) and Elvira’s foraging for rocks and gems.

Chapter 8 coming soon…


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4 Responses to Tennor Criminal Legacy Chapter 7

  1. Buttonsginger says:

    LOL! I love the mummies!! Thanks for showing the cut Tiberium…..My poor sims my never be able to afford the cost of cutting it or smelting it or what ever the heck you do to it..LOL. Great Update! Ermmmmmm….they wouldn’t be selling the stolen cars now would they? What fun!

  2. Rawla says:

    Excellent story. I loved the dive well entrance to the basement/treasure room. That was a great idea. So many beautiful treasures. I’m glad she wasn’t cursed. Yicks! 😀

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