Charlie’s Roadhouse

Charlie’s Roadhouse

Enjoy time with your friends at the local Roadhouse. It is owned by Charlie, although you hardly ever see him. There is normal Roadhouse fare and nectar to enjoy. A small dance floor or play games. Great place for a party. Community lot designated as Hangout. Built at 180 Redwood Pkwy in Sunset Valley. This Roadhouse was tested in two different towns. Spike and Vivian had their wedding party at Charlie’s. There is no third party custom content.

Charlie’s Roadhouse Download from TS3 Exchange


Charlie's Roadhouse


Second Floor Storage Area
Second Floor Storage Area


Office and Storage



Office and Storage, Stairs to second floor.



Office and Storage



Ladies Washroom



Ladies Washroom



Men's Room



Men's Room


About MerryWiddow

Avid Sims 3 fan. Love TV and reading. Family important in my life. You will often find me at The Sims Creators' ConsortiumI.
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5 Responses to Charlie’s Roadhouse

  1. Buttonsginger says:

    I love it! Any third Party CC?

  2. fidlerten says:

    A neat idea MerryWiddow. A biker bar! LOL!!! Not my kind of hang out but you did a good job with the photos and all the sims.


  3. Sure would like to sashay up to the bar for a few swigs of juice. Looks like a great place to meet and greet.

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