Tennor Criminal Legacy Chapter 8

Generation 1 – Chapter 8


Anthony were both fatigued by their workouts, so trying to increase the athletic skills, they tossed the baseball for awhile. Meanwhile Lucky practiced his Martial Arts.


Tina is working on her last guitar skill point. She has achieved the honour roll at school for 2 days running so far. She hopes to continue to stay on the honour roll.

Working on her Masters

Elvira reported to the Military what she had learned about Senet and increased her logic skill.

Report on Senet

When mean-spirited, evil young Sims play ball, sometimes they don’t play fair.

Tossing the Ball, Evil Style

Dad is ready to run off to work for the night, but stops to listen to Tina play the guitar. She is getting quite good.

Proud Father

Both Anthony and Benny run off to work as well.

Happy to Work

Running to Work

Elvira is working on increasing her handiness skill, so she is upgrading everything in the house. She has reached level 8.

Upgrading the Sprinkler

Baby’s coming!

Labour is Starting

Elvira is the only one home to help with all the men out at work.

Mom-In-Law Freaking Out

So Elvira hurried to call a taxi to take Lisa to the hospital.

Off to the Hospital

After a very short labour, Elvira didn’t even have time to go into the hospital, Lisa and Anthony are the proud parents of a bouncing baby boy!

It's a Boy!

Elvira was upset that she wasn’t able to be there for the birth.

Feeling Upset!

Meet Tony Tennor, Evil and Easily Impressed.

Tony Tennor

Chapter 9 coming soon…


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4 Responses to Tennor Criminal Legacy Chapter 8

  1. RORORORONG says:

    Congrats on your new baby! ;^)

  2. Buttonsginger says:

    Awwwwww a new bouncing baby boy! Can’t wait to see how Tony turns out. LOL Evil baseball!

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