Cheer Up Shelter of Hope Chapter 18

Day 19

Visit to Francois

As soon as she arrived in France, Beth hopped on a scooter and sped off to Francois’ house.

When she arrived at his front door, he phoned and asked her to meet him in the market.

They greeted with a kiss.

She sang ‘Ja tem’ to him.

They went to the Nectary together and made silly faces.

They went to the Museum together and looked at art.

She went over to his house with him and they chatted.

He asked her to stay the night. Awkward! He lives with a young lady named Jeannine Bernard. (She’s in a relationship with someone named Yves.) They only have one double bed. So Jeannine had to sleep on the couch.

Beth visited him frequently and learned a couple of new recipes.

She made friends with Jeannine.

She stayed over often. I thought this was funny.

Jeannine was not too happy about the bed not being available.

He visited her at the base camp and they played tag.

For hours.

Beth had some time available for treasure hunting.

And a little time for extracurricular activities before she had to go home.

Victor, although not mentioned much in this story, did go to France with Beth. He spent time jogging to increase his athletic skill.

He also spent some time socializing. A lot of his time, however, was spent collecting rocks and gems and excavating.

But mostly he spent time taking photographs of things around France. When they got home he hung some of his photos from Egypt and France proudly on the walls of the shelter.

The day was almost over when they returned. Beth made Falafel for dinner and everyone ate. Adam did his homework. Then it was the end of day 19.

The final total of family funds for the end of day 19 is $241,300.

Career: Painter – Illustrious Illustrator Level 7
$4,723 Earned – $4,902 Simoleons to the next level
Athletic 8
Charisma 6
Cooking 4
Logic 1
Handiness 5
Painting 8
Photography Mastered

Career: Military – Flight Officer Level 5
Logic 3
Athletic 7
Cooking 1
Martial Arts 3
Gardening 1
Handiness 7

Career: Culinary – Line Cook Level 5
Cooking 9
Gardening 7
Nectar Making 3

Career: Gardener – Seed Sewer Level 7
$16,742 Earned – $9,863 Simoleons to the next level
Athletic 4
Cooking 2
Gardening Mastered
Handiness 1
Martial Arts 3

Career: Angler – Freshwater Freshman Level 4
$850 Earned – $561 Simoleons to the next level
Athletic 7
Cooking 2
Fishing 9
Gardening 6
Handiness 1
Logic 3

Career: Angler – Freshwater Freshman Level 4
$761 Earned – $675 Simoleons to the next level
Athletic 6
Fishing 9
Gardening 5
Guitar 2
Handiness 1

Career: Medical – Paramedic Level 3
Athletic 2
Cooking 1
Fishing 8
Gardening 7
Logic 5

High School Grade: A
Career: Writer – Small-Time Scribe Level 2
$116 Earned – $359 Simoleons to the next level
Fishing 2
Logic 3
Painting 5
Writing 4


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