Tennor Criminal Legacy Chapter 9

Generation 1 – Chapter 9

Time Will Tell

I found this curious little creature sneaking up on one of Elvira’s tunnels.

Gnome Out and About

Anthony and Benny workout together. I think they’re a little competitive.


Lucky is so proud of his grandson. He sneaks up to play with him all the time.

Goo Goo Goo

Then I caught him! He carefully laid Tony on the floor rubbing his hands together with glee.

This won't hurt a bit.

He then quickly…

Slight of Hand

…stole Tony’s candy.


Tony was very upset.

Crying Baby

Grandpa picked him up and snuggled him. “Someday, Tony, you will be doing the same thing to your grandson.”

And that's how you steal candy from a baby!

Lucky went off to work. The Emperor of Evil had mysteriously disappeared. Lucky was there to take over. Lucky has achieved his Lifetime Wish.

Emperor of Evil

Elvira spent a lot of time inventing.

Inventing Marathon

While Benny and Anthony were honing up on their logic skills, Elvira programmed…


…her Time Machine.

The Past

She was gone into the past for a very long time.

Elvira was sleeping peacefully when ninjas attacked the dojo she was staying at. Elvira managed to avoid throwing stars until she could slip back in the time stream.

After proving she meant no harm, Elvira was allowed into the yurt of a famous Mongolian chieftain. It was quite an entertaining evening and nobody got hurt!

Elvira partied it up with some especially nice hippies during a flower festival. The variety of colors was almost overwhelming.

While Mom's Away

She finally arrived home…

Home Sweet Home

…when she was called to dinner.

Family Dinner

Lisa went down to the local salon and got a makeover.

Day at the Salon

The next day, Lisa and Anthony went for a little trip to the past.

Wait for me!

Re-entry is a b....

Later that evening Benny invited a co-worker over for a visit.

First Kiss

Chapter 10 coming soon…

Thank you to EA for the ideas and words for Elvira’s trip into the past.

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4 Responses to Tennor Criminal Legacy Chapter 9

  1. fidlerten says:

    Very Interesting MerryWiddow. I haven’t yet got a sim who has invented a time machine. I do have a teenage boy who just reached level ten of his inventing skills so it’s not too far away.


    • MerryWiddow says:

      I found out in another family I play that you can start them on their inventing ways as a child. This surprised me. If he’s level 10 you can probably direct him to build a time machine. Thanks for your comments.

  2. Buttonsginger says:

    wonderful update MW….Lucky is already teaching Tony his ways! Funny!

    Looking forward to more from my favorite crime family =D

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