Cheer Up Shelter of Hope Chapter 19

Day 20


The day started off as most days do. Adam went off to school, Otto went off to work at the Army Base, Aura started working in her garden, Amy and Xander went fishing, Victor went to work on his painting, Beth cooked breakfast and cleaned the house and Keviana went to work at the hospital.

Day Starting

Day Starting

Shortly after starting work Keviana was called to a Vaccination Clinic… at the cemetery. Are they trying to tell us something?

Cycling to a Vaccination Clinic

Her very first vaccination… well you can see for yourself.

It won't hurt a bit!

You lied. It hurt a lot!

Otto received a call from the Science Facility offering him a job as Aquatic Ecosystem Tweaker, a Level 6 job in the Science career and he jumped at it. He spent the rest of the day helping Aura in the garden.

Working on the Gardening Skill

Later he was invited to a party, but he arrived after the party was over. He chatted with his hostess and told her about his new job.

Unfashionably Late

After work Keviana went to the grocery store to sell her fish. Later I found her outside on the bench cuddling with Avi.

Cuddling with Avi

After working in the garden and a shower, Aura spent some time with a dummy.

Training with the Dummy

After school Adam went to the gym. He started off okay.

Feel the Burn

But kept falling. Oh well, he’s athletic, so he’ll soon get the hang of it, right?


Beth got a promotion and with it a blender.

New Blender

Late in the day Victor left for China. He has to only get 10 photographs in China and hang them on the wall to complete his LTW. He took Amy with him. Amy has an opportunity that requires that she learn about breathing. She met him at the airport direct from fishing.

Off to China

I’ll post the statistics after the trip to China.


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  1. Buttonsginger says:

    This is so much fun! Enjoyed your update =D

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