Tennor Criminal Legacy Chapter 10

Generation 1 – Chapter 10

New Beginnings

Benny brought a friend, Ayesha Ansari, home from work. You know what they say about workplace romances.

New Love

He asked her to be his girl and only his.

Let Go Steady

She accepted, thinking this was a great idea.


Lucky stole candy from Tony again.

All that candy is going to rot your teeth anyway Tony!

Benny asked Ayesha to stay the night. He asked her to marry him.

Will you marry me?

They then had a private wedding.

I will!

Right there in his bedroom.

A future together!

Elvira stepped into her time machine and went to the future.

Elvira almost got ejected out of an airlock on New Earth Space Station due to a run in with the Neo Mob.

Elvira managed to snag a seriously great seat for the 5000th Annual Super Shock-Em Ball Game after selling her “antique” flashlight. Elvira even had a chance to catch a little of planet-wide postgame party before the time stream opened.

Elvira was digging through some alien ruins when she was surrounded by angry Colazoids! It turns out this is just how they build their towns. Elvira quickly apologized and smoothed things over.

Elvira appeared accidentally in the middle of a crowd while time traveling, but nobody noticed. They were all cheering about how some kind of shepherd just saved the galaxy from some huge ancient machine god threat. The celebration was definitely cool though.

After exploring the future, Elvira came back with a new book, The New Ice Age, and $1,329 Simoleons.

Upon returning she waved goodbye.

I had fun! Until next time!

She decided the best way to announce her return was to sneak up on Tina in the bathroom.

Unsuspecting Tina

And scare her.


Tina was not impressed.

Mom grow up!

The next afternoon, Sam Sekemoto came home from school with Tina.

Holding Hands

She was overwhelmed with emotion and decided to sneak a kiss.

First Kiss

She decided they should go steady and Sam thought so too.

We should go steady!

He stayed and they held a jam session on the front lawn.


Meanwhile Elvira was busy building widgets. Notice her little friend in the background.

Elvira's New Friend

When Tony needed attention, it was Sam who went upstairs to get him from his crib.

Natural Born Daddy?

He placed him gently on the floor in Tina’s room. Everyone came running, but not all made it to the room in time for Tony birthday.

Tony's a Toddler

Chapter 11 coming soon…

Thank you to EA for the ideas and words for Elvira’s trip into the future.

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4 Responses to Tennor Criminal Legacy Chapter 10

  1. Buttonsginger says:

    Wow! What a time travel trip! I’ve gotta use that thing sometime. Enjoyed your update!
    Tony is a toddler already….they grow like weeds, don’t they?? LOL

    • MerryWiddow says:

      Time travel is kinda boring for the player. They are gone such a long time. A few Sim hours. You tend to leave them and go on to other things. Yes they do grow fast. Thanks for you comment.

  2. Rheassi says:

    Great update! I really liked the Time Travel adventure!

    I wonder if it ever occured to Lucky that eventually Tony will grow up and my remember him stealing candy from him as a baby!

    Tony aged up into a cute toddler!

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