Cheer Up Shelter of Hope Chapter 20

Day 21


Amy went to learn about the breathing as soon as she arrived. Then jogged directly to Han’s Garden.

Han's Garden

Victor jogged up to the Dragon Cave and took a picture for his collection. His next target was the Academy and the The Scholar’s Garden (Chinese Garden). This was the final picture needed in his Travel portfolio. While at the Academy he decided to start his path in Martial Arts. He achieved his first belt.

Level 1

I sent him to base camp to find an adventure and he was directed to spar with Jiannan Lu two times.

Bowing to Jiannan

Bout 1

Bout 2

He lost both sparring matches but achieved his second belt.

Level 2

After sparring Victor was hungry. He bought two plates of Egg Rolls. One he enjoyed himself, the other he sent by way of an inventory swap, He! He!, to Amy. Amy was enjoying the Hot Springs and evidently her Egg Rolls.

Yummy Egg Rolls

Victor reported in after his sparring but I didn’t accept the next adventure to meditate in the garden. He did, however, fulfill a wish to train on the board breaker.

Board Breaker

Amy mastered the fishing skill and caught herself some Dragon Fish.

Dragon Fish

Love the Splash

Victor’s next adventure was to collect 5 pieces of metal. Windfall. Victor spent that night and the next day collecting a fortune in metal.

Collecting at Sunset

My Hot Springs is broken. I had to direct Amy to use the stairs in order to get her to her tent. She kept stamping her feet otherwise.

Tackling the Stairs

Victor spent the night in Camp Chrysanthemum. In the morning he roasted franks and a tomato for breakfast.

Breakfast around the Fire Pit

Amy chowed down on a High Quality Dried Food morsel. Yum!

Yummy Dried Morsel

Victor continued his hunt for metal. Getting a lot of jogging in today.

Continuing the Collecting

Amy grabs some metal over by the Hot Springs.

Couple of Rocks

Amy had a wish to learn Martial Arts. She achieved level 1.

Amy Level 1

After sparring with Maya Wang so Victor could get a picture she went back to fishing.

Sparring with Maya

Back to Fishing

Victor, however, continued adventuring.

After getting home from China…

The final total of family funds for the end of day 21 is $299,243.

Career: Painter – Illustrious Illustrator Level 7
$7,858 Earned – $1,767 Simoleons to the next level
Athletic Mastered
Charisma 6
Cooking 4
Gardening 2
Logic 1
Handiness 5
Painting 9
Photography Mastered
Martial Arts 2

Career: Science – Aquatic Ecosystem Tweaker Level 6
Logic 3
Athletic 7
Cooking 1
Martial Arts 3
Gardening 5
Handiness 8

Career: Culinary – Pastry Chef Level 6
Cooking Mastered
Gardening 7
Nectar Making 3

Career: Gardener – Seed Sewer Level 7
$21,485 Earned – $5,120 Simoleons to the next level
Athletic 5
Cooking 3
Gardening Mastered
Handiness 1
Martial Arts 3

Career: Angler – Chub Chucker Level 6
$8,541 Earned – $947 Simoleons to the next level
Athletic 8
Cooking 3
Fishing Mastered
Gardening 8
Handiness 1
Logic 3
Martial Arts 1

Career: Angler – Saltwater Initiate Level 5
$2,2274 Earned – $1,342 Simoleons to the next level
Athletic 6
Fishing 9
Gardening 5
Guitar 2
Handiness 1

Career: Medical – Paramedic Level 3
Athletic 2
Cooking 1
Fishing 8
Gardening 7
Logic 5

High School Grade: A
Career: Writer – Small-Time Scribe Level 2
$116 Earned – $359 Simoleons to the next level
Fishing 2
Logic 3
Painting 5
Writing 4


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  1. Your family is doing quite well. How old is Victor now?

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