Cheer Up Shelter of Hope Chapter 22

Day 23

Foreign Visitor

In a strange turn of events Francois showed up for his visit with Victor. It seems the reports of his death were greatly exaggerated.


Beth was very surprised by his visit. She immediately asked him to move in. Of course, he said yes.

Welcome Surprise!

Otto was offered a job in the Medical career. So he is now studying logic.

A New Career

Francois asked Beth to go steady.

Be My Girl!

He then wasted no time in proposing. Beth said yes. She was so happy.

Not Enough! Be My Wife!

They were immediately married.

'Till Death do us Part

Off to have some fun!

Woo! Hoo!

While Otto and Keviana work on their logic skills, Aura and Victor spar. Aura won 2-0.

Friendly Competition!

Adam is on the honor rolls so he is working on his homework. On his own I might add, I totally forgot about it.

Honor Student

Francois didn’t know how to make Crepes. Who’d a thunk it being from France and all? Well now he does.

Learning Crepes

Of course, Beth wouldn’t be happy unless she was cleaning.

Having Fun!

Oops! Late night surprise! Beth is feeling nauseous.


The final total of family funds for the end of day 23 is $279,708.

Career: Unemployed
Cooking 9
Nectar Making 8

Career: Painter – Prestigious Painter Level 8
$12,183 Earned – $7,442 Simoleons to the next level
Athletic Mastered
Charisma 6
Cooking 4
Gardening 2
Logic 1
Handiness 5
Painting 9
Photography Mastered
Martial Arts 3

Career: Medical – Trauma Surgeon Level 6
Logic 5
Athletic 7
Cooking 1
Martial Arts 3
Gardening 5
Handiness 8

Career: Gardener – Famed Farmer Level 8
$28,318 Earned – $28,287 Simoleons to the next level
Athletic 5
Cooking 3
Gardening Mastered
Handiness 1
Martial Arts 4

Career: Medical – Medical Intern Level 4
Athletic 2
Cooking 1
Fishing 8
Gardening 7
Logic 6

Career: Culinary – Sous-Chef Level 7
Cooking Mastered
Gardening 7
Nectar Making 3

High School Grade: A Honor Roll
Career: Writer – Small-Time Scribe Level 2
$116 Earned – $359 Simoleons to the next level
Athletic 1
Fishing 2
Logic 3
Painting 5
Writing 4

I was totally surprised when at 8 am the next morning after I was informed that Francois had died, the game told me Victor’s foreign visitor would be arriving in an hour. I thought weird and was even more surprised when the game told me he was on the lot and that I better greet him.


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  1. Buttonginger says:

    What a lovely surprise! Great update!!!!

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