Open and Inviting 3 Bedroom

Here is a beautiful 3 bedroom home with nursery. Open Living room, kitchen and dining room. There is also a study, 3 full bathrooms, 2 spot garage and lush gardens. There is an outdoor kitchen and a hot tub.  View more for slide show.

Open and Inviting Three Bedroom Luxury

Download from TS3 Exchange

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May contain all Expansion and Stuff packs. There is no third party custom content, however, there are store items.

Colour Palette: October Morning. Thank you gisforgretchen.

My Palette from

Furnished: $187,844
Unfurnished: $96,866

Built on a 40 x 40 lot at 415 Skyborough Blvd. in Sunset Valley.



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Avid Sims 3 fan. Love TV and reading. Family important in my life. You will often find me at The Sims Creators' ConsortiumI.
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9 Responses to Open and Inviting 3 Bedroom

  1. Buttonginger says:

    Just lovely! A couple questions. Did you use MOO on the big coffee table in the living room? If so can the sims use it? Master Bathroom vanity….even with MOO I can never get much on the desks…is there a trick I don’t know about? The outdoor kitchen is just wonderful. I love the arbors! Just another fantastic build MW! Thank you for sharing!

    • MerryWiddow says:

      Yes I did use MOO on the coffee table. The only thing usable on it is the telephone and that is near the edge so it is not a problem. For the vanity I just kept hitting ‘M’ until I had the items where I wanted them. Thank you for your lovely comments.

      • Buttonginger says:


        Oh……is this a new trick? I just type in MOO then move it around with the little hand thingy. Do Tell…..

      • MerryWiddow says:

        When placing objects on a surface press the ‘M’ key. Each time you press it the object will move to a new ‘slot’. This way you will know how many ‘slots’ are available and where they are.

    • Buttonginger says:

      Really….well, I did not know that….you are just chock full of info MW ! Thank you =D

  2. Very nicely done. So glad you were able to get this posted. I have poster rec and boosted d/l. Curious about this statement “For the vanity I just kept hitting ‘M’ until I had the items where I wanted them.” I have used the Alt key and the keys to ease things into place. Not heard of the ‘M’ key for placement. -EQ

    • MerryWiddow says:

      Thank you very much EQ. I finally finished it after months in the works. I finally had the inspiration I needed. The ‘M’ key works when trying to place objects on surfaces. It moves the item around the available ‘slots’.

  3. rheassi says:

    This is beautiful! I really love the stone colors and the blue roof. I really like all the outdoor spaces.. I think my favorites areas are the outdoor kitchen, hot tub area and the living room.. You made awesome use of MOO! Rec and downloaded

  4. MerryWiddow says:

    Thank you Rheassi for your lovely comments and the rec and dl.

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