Cheer Up Shelter of Hope Chapter 23

Day 24

Fresh Start!

Victor has achieved level 10 in his Painting skill.

Victor reaches another level 10

Francois and Beth headed out on their own to a little house just down the street within running distance.

Moving out!

The front of their new little home.

Front of New House

The kitchen with upgraded appliances.


The living room.

Living Room

A second bedroom set up for impending child/children.

Children's Bedroom

The all important crib.


A nice bathroom with tub…

Bathroom with Tub

… and shower.

and Shower

The master bedroom.

Master Bedroom

Lots of outdoor space for fishing…

Outdoor Space

… sitting around the fire pit and a playground for the future.

Fire pit and Play area

Otto still gets those wishes to upgrade stuff.

Otto Upgrading

I think Aura is a little overwhelmed with the gardening now that Amy and Beth are gone. Maybe Otto can help.

Large garden

Victor is still hard at work painting.

At "Work"

Adam tried out the new hopscotch at the school.

Hopscotch Failure

Oh he increased his athletic skill. Great job Adam.

Good job!

Otto off to work at the hospital.

Another work night!

Nice Victor has completed another challenge.

So many challenges!

Keviana got a promotion. She is on call and dead tired. Time to go home to and to bed early. (The game, because of the new EP, woke them all at 4:30 am. The only one smart enough to go back to bed was Beth.)

Good job Keviana!

Guess who’s gone to China. Yep Victor.

Travelling again!

To be continued…


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2 Responses to Cheer Up Shelter of Hope Chapter 23

  1. buttonsginger says:

    Ooooooooooo….did you ;move them out and into the new shelter?? Cooooooll….Can I do that too?? I am so glad your playing this again!!

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