Cheer Up Shelter of Hope Chapter 24

Day 24 Continued

Victor in China

Victor did the usual things in China. He found rocks and gems.

Collecting Rocks and Gems

He met people.

Making Friends

He sparred a bit.


He told a ghost story.

Ghost Story

And each night he slept well in his expensive tent.

Selpt Well

When he arrived home and all of his new pictures were placed on the walls, he achieved his LTW of Visionary.

Completed LTW

Otto left work with a project to go to City Hall.. I think he needs to loose a little of that pudge.

Getting Fat

The City Hall sent him to convince a politician to help.

Meeting Tori

And she has asked him to convince 5 people in town to vote. Well that will have to wait until tomorrow. He is on night shift and on call so he needs sleep.

The final total of family funds for the end of day 24 is $272,128.

Career: Painter – Prestigious Painter Level 8
$14,591 Earned – $5,031 Simoleons to the next level
Athletic Mastered
Charisma 7
Cooking 6
Gardening 2
Logic 1
Handiness 7
Painting Mastered
Photography Mastered
Martial Arts 5

Career: Medical – Trauma Surgeon Level 6
Logic 5
Athletic 7
Cooking 1
Martial Arts 3
Gardening 5
Handiness 8

Career: Gardener – Famed Farmer Level 8
$30,261 Earned – $26,344 Simoleons to the next level
Athletic 5
Cooking 3
Gardening Mastered
Handiness 1
Martial Arts 4

Career: Medical – Resident Level 5
Athletic 2
Cooking 1
Fishing 8
Gardening 7
Logic 6

High School Grade: A Honor Roll
Career: Writer – Small-Time Scribe Level 2
$116 Earned – $359 Simoleons to the next level
Athletic 2
Fishing 2
Logic 3
Painting 5
Writing 4


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4 Responses to Cheer Up Shelter of Hope Chapter 24

  1. buttonsginger says:

    Looks like Victor had another nice trip. Congrats on accomplishing his lifetime wish!! Impressive! Nice to see Otto is doing well. Thanks for the update

  2. Ouch … sad about the game trouble. But I do like Victor … so glad he completed his LTW. -EQ

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