Merry Community Garden

Introducing Merry Community Garden

Reginald Merry donated his old house to the city to be used as a park. There is a garden maintained by a caretaker. The fruit and vegetable garden is open to the public.

Merry Community Garden

Download from TS3 Exchange

Some pictures of the garden.


Main Floor Overview

This building has limited use. I have used hidden room markers.

Second Floor Overview

View of the Old Merry House

View of Gardens

More Gardens

Chess on the Second Floor

Bathroom on Second Floor

Main Floor Entrance

View of Garden

Another view of House and Garden

View from Patio

Patio with seating and BBQ

Enjoy! Comments are appreciated.


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4 Responses to Merry Community Garden

  1. Magician1 says:

    LOVE IT!!!!! TY soo much for participating and for doing this lovely Garden. Putting it into our World right now.

    TY <W for everything.

  2. I love the garden and the style of the house. Might make a great mini Nectary? EQ

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