Modern Visions Uploaded

Modern Visions Uploaded to the TS3 Exchange

I was able to upload Modern Visions to the TS3 exchange when I removed all of my patterns created in the Create-A-Pattern tool. I was disappointed but managed to convey the same feeling using EA patterns only.

Modern Visions

Modern Visions

Download from TS3 Exchange

Here are some pictures of the pattern changes.You can see the original lot pictures here with the original patterns in place.

The pattern on the columns was changed to a similar EA pattern.


I used a similar wavy pattern here. This one is a little more striking.


Still a stripe.


Replaced the pattern behind the sofa and I discovered that not many have the painting that I had used. My Sim Sarah took six pictures of the painting and I placed them in frames. I think it looks better that the original.

Living Room

Replaced the pattern with a tile. The picture on the left is of Modern Visions taken by Sarah as well.


I changed both the pattern on the wall and floor and the pattern that was on the canvas.

Master Bedroom

I used the same configuration of the tiles, just different tiles.

Master Bathroom

The only change in here is the pattern on the sofa.

Party Room

Again different tiles, same colour.

Half Bath/Laundry

Had to change the pattern on the wall and the bedspreads.

Child/Teen Room

New tiles.

Family Bathroom

Changed the tiles on the pool and the pattern on the loungers.

Pool Area

Changed the pattern on the stools and the painting on the wall. Not many have the Ozzy posters.

Pool Pergola

The only other change was the pattern on the crib mattress, but I didn’t take a picture. I am so glad I was finally able to upload this lot. I guess I’ll have to steer clear of CAP patterns in my futures builds and just use them for personal use. I will continue to share them.

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2 Responses to Modern Visions Uploaded

  1. buttonsginger says:

    I must say you did an outstanding job in replacing your CAP patterns. Of course , I like your original patterns much much better. Your build is so great and I am glad you were able to get it up on the exchange. Thanks for all your hard work!!

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