The Solace

Introducing The Solace

The Solace is based on a Sears plan from circa 1928. There are two bedrooms with en-suites. There is a half bath laundry room on the first floor. Fully decorated first and second floors and will sleep 4 plus crib. The fireplace is upgraded to fireproof. Basement with plenty of room to add your touch. Two horse stalls in a lean-to. Kitchen garden. No CC. It retails for under $75,000 furnished. The bills are approximately $500. Built in Appaloosa Plains at 1874 Trex Hill.

The Solace

The Solace

Download from TS3 Exchange

The Solace original plan from Sears, Roebuck and Co.

The Solace Sears Plan

The Solace Sears Plan

Front view.

Lot Overview

More front views.


Side view from stable.

Back view.


Back porch.

Front porch.

First floor overview.

Living room.


Stairs to the basement.

Laundry room and half bath.


A camera to start taking photographs to fill the frame above the desk.

Dining room.

Another frame to fill.

Stairs to the second floor.

Second floor overview.

Second floor hall.

Master bedroom.

Master bathroom.

Nursery and child’s room.

Connected bathroom in the same style as the master bathroom.

Overview of the basement. Ready for you to add your own touches.

More exterior pictures. First the back later in the day.

The Solace at night.

Download from TS3 Exchange

Enjoy and please recommend and ‘Like’ if you download. Thank you.

Have fun!



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4 Responses to The Solace

  1. Hello MW. This is lovely! I have rec’d and upped your downloads. Shared on FB and Twitter also. 😀

  2. Beautiful and very playable home. 🙂 -EQ

  3. Emily Smith says:

    I live in a real life Solace and wish it were as spacious as your design! Love it, though. Great job!

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