Archie Ayres

Introducing Archie Ayres

Archie Ayres

Archie Ayres

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Archie's Clothing

Left to Right: Everyday, Formal, Athletic, Sleepwear, Swimwear

Archie Ayres born in game to Bonnie and Hiller Ayres. I didn’t get to play him because he wasn’t the torch holder in my ISBI challenge. He did manage to reach his LTW with a little work related guidance from me. MerryWiddow

Traits: Charismatic, Artistic, Snob, Ambitious, Friendly
Favourites: Soul, Mac and Cheese, White
LTW: CEO of a Mega-Corporation
Zodiac: Pisces

Sibling of Bryan and Penelope.

Enjoy and please recommend if you like. MerryWiddow

About MerryWiddow

Avid Sims 3 fan. Love TV and reading. Family important in my life. You will often find me at The Sims Creators' ConsortiumI.
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5 Responses to Archie Ayres

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  3. Archie….I love that name….have rec’d and downloaded…..can’t wait to hear all about him.

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