Bonnie Ayres

Introducing Bonnie Ayres

Bonnie Ayres

Bonnie Ayres lived a full life. She learn all of her skills through hard work and determination. Her hard work and my determination. Bonnie is a 1 star celebrity. She has completed her LTW of Physical Perfection and is a Level 10 Acrobat. Her memory book is full. I leave them up to you to delete if you want to. At the age of 102, Bonnie discovered the Young Again potion so Bonnie is a young adult ready to continue learning in your game.

Download from TS3 Exchange

Bonie’s traits: Athletic, Disciplined, Charismatic, Childish, Friendly.
Favourites: Country, Autumn Salad, grey
Zodiac: Aquarius

Skills mastered: Athletic, Charisma, Handiness, Logic, Photography, Martial Arts
Level 9 Gardening
Level 7 Cooking

Bonnie is rather well off, approximately $285,000. Her family inventory is full of lots of furniture and the props of her trade. Her personal inventory has a few nice items too. May contain all EPs, all SPs and some store stuff.

Bonnie's Makeup

Bonnie's Makeup
Left: Everyday, Athletic, Swimwear
Right: Formal

Bonnie's Clothing

Bonnie's Clothing

In game pictures available here.

I hope you enjoy Bonnie as much as I did. Bonnie was the mother of Bryan, Archie and Penelope. Please recommend. Thanks. MerryWiddow

About MerryWiddow

Avid Sims 3 fan. Love TV and reading. Family important in my life. You will often find me at The Sims Creators' ConsortiumI.
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3 Responses to Bonnie Ayres

  1. Yhea! So glad to see Bonnie up for grabs 😀 Rec’d and Downloaded and added to favs.

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