Pictures of Gold Coast

Gold Coast is now in beta testing. Here are some pictures from around the world


Peele Island

Port Dover

Ranch/Farm Country

Hanlan’s Point from the highway on the main island.

Hanlan’s Point in the distance from Magnolia Glade.

Hanlan’s Point cove.

Silver Lake from an apartment building balcony.

Silver Lake from the Lynn River

Lynn River


Little Lake from a jogging path.


Baker Street in the Highlands

Tomb of the Gold Coast Pyramid

Old mine in the hills

Peele Island on the bottom right, farm country to the left, downtown on the left with the Port Dover lighthouse in the distance. On the middle back is the waterfall and the hill area.

Sunset taken from the jogging path looking toward Port Dover. The path runs from the modern section of Port Dover to the Hill Road where you will find the richy rich Sims in town and the Legacy Lot. The tomb is also up there. Lots of fishing along the jogging path.

The Lucky Loonie Casino at night.

That’s all for now. I hope you enjoyed looking at all the pictures. ‘Till next time.

Have fun!


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Avid Sims 3 fan. Love TV and reading. Family important in my life. You will often find me at The Sims Creators' ConsortiumI.
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3 Responses to Pictures of Gold Coast

  1. Everything looks lovely MW 😀 I can’t wait to have this world!

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