Gold Coast Seasonal Lots

Gold Coast Festival Lot

Festivals all year round at the Pier. Come and join the fun and celebrate the seasons.

This lot replaces Port Dover Pier by the lighthouse in Port Dover in Gold Coast. The lot is placed with the big statue at the front by the road. This lot in conjunction with Wellington Park covers all of the seasonal activities.


Download from TS3 Exchange

Wellington Park

Wellington Park is a gathering place for all occasions from a picnic to a wedding. Or you can come to the band shell for a live show. by MerryWiddow This is a seasonal update of Wellington Park. Bulldoze the current park at 77 Wellington Road. Enter the lot with buydebug¹ on and delete the spawners. Place lot in the same orientation it was before.


Download from TS3 Exchange

Pictures of both lots.


1. For those of you who have never used buydebug, here is a short lesson. You must be in buy or build mode for this to work.

  • Open cheat console by holding Ctrl+Shift+C.
  • Type in testingCheatsEnabled true
  • Open cheat console again
  • Type in buydebug

Have fun!


About MerryWiddow

Avid Sims 3 fan. Love TV and reading. Family important in my life. You will often find me at The Sims Creators' ConsortiumI.
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21 Responses to Gold Coast Seasonal Lots

  1. rysoukz says:

    Hi, I have downloaded your coast coast world and really love it and very well designed. However I know you have some store content included in the world and I wish to know “keep me outdoor shower” and the wishing well are in which lot as I intended to purchase them and all I need to do is start a new game in gold coast and then save in those lots in library and then back to my save game and replaced them so those store content will appeared. Hope to hear from you thank. Very appreciate your hard work.

    • MerryWiddow says:

      Thank you very much for you wonderful comments. I’m so glad you are enjoying Gold Coast.

      The shower is in the Rene’s B & B Horse Rance in the country. I think EA would have replaced it, as it is store content, with a base game one. You’ll find it in the field by the fire jumps. As for the wishing well, it is on a hidden lot and you will not be able to edit the lot or place it in your library. The lot will not show in edit town. I’m not sure what the game would replace it with. So I suggest you just place it where ever you would like. If you install the content and start a new game the content will be there where I placed it as you said.

      Have fun!

      • MerryWiddow says:

        An additional thought. Rene’s B & B has spawners on the lot. Suggest that when placing the new lot that after you bulldoze the previous lot, that you go into build on the ’empty’ lot and put buydebug on. (Ctrl+Shift+C type testingCheatsEnabled true : Ctrl+Shift+C type buydebug : All the spawners will appear.) Delete all of the spawners and build a small wall. Got back into edit town and bulldoze the lot again. Then place the new one.

  2. rysoukz says:

    Oh great thank for the reply. I really hope to see more updates from you. Your world really great. I really love those houses you created.

    • MerryWiddow says:

      Thank you. I did place the store Greenhouse in the lot designated as the Ice Lounge. It is right next door to the Purple Door. Don’t know if you own it, but if you do place it, be careful. I found that EA had approximately 50 spawners on this lot. When I turned it there were almost 100. That can slow down play a lot. I also placed the new Learning Centre lot from Aurora Skies on a residential lot near downtown. I designated it a small park so people would visit. Do you have a specific lot you would like?

      • rysoukz says:

        Ya I have both the lots you mentioned as for the greenhouse you said you place next to purple door? Is at downtown area? For the spawners possible to fix it not to spawn so many?

        I will want to place learning centre same next a park in downtown.
        I also just purchase the cinema from store so I would place it in downtown too.

        I wouls like a fun arcade lot for your world is it possible?

      • MerryWiddow says:

        Yes the Purple Door is downtown. There is an empty lot next door to it and it is very purple. It is across from the bistro.

        As for the spawners you will have to use the method that I outlined regarding Wellington Park to see them. Then you will just have to delete them. There should only be three when you are finished. They are on top of one another. It will look like there are only a few, but if you grab one you will find more underneath. Remove until you are left with only one for each garden centre.

  3. rysoukz says:

    Oh ya I manage to find the wishing well…it was replaced by a statue lol.
    I think I would just restart the world so can enjoy all those store contents. I just lazy to re-put all those houses again lol…

    • MerryWiddow says:

      I know what you mean. You could do what I did. I opened Gold Coast, placed all the lots as I wanted them. I save as Gold Coast. Next from he main menu, I clicked on copy town and named it whatever save I was going to play. Then went into that one and everything is already placed. Don’t ever have to do it again. If I change or add anything I do it to the Gold Coast save and only have to do it once.

      • rysoukz says:

        Oh I did not know there is a copy town function and you mean is in the option menu? So if I use the method you mentioned the wishing well will appear? As my current only the wishing well I cant do anything and I would like to have it in my current save game cause I have all the houses and lot.

      • MerryWiddow says:

        Copy town is from the main menu not options. You will be creating a save game with no family selected for this to work. Time will not have passed. This is a picture of my Gold Coast save. I’ve circled the copy button.

      • rysoukz says:

        For this method does it work for my save game that is without the wishing well? After copy and use it will the wishing well appeared?

      • MerryWiddow says:

        It will only work if you save your family to the library bin and place them in a new save game copy. Your family will loose all of their friends. If there are any family not in the house with them they will loose them too. There is a mod at NRaas Industries call Traveler that can help you move your family. Please read the instructions provided by Twallan, the creator, before using this mod.
        It might be easier to just place the wishing well at one of the fishing holes in your current save.

    • rysoukz says:

      Oh I see…it’s ok. I am using a few of Nrass Mods. Really thank alot for your help. I love your camper design and cute n coo…

  4. rysoukz says:

    Oh ya one question… for the light house theatre is only them sim is a singer than can use that lot?? if not other sims wont able to enter it.

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