New Lot for Gold Coast

I was thinking of building a Church/Wedding Chapel for Gold Coast. The wedding area in Wellington Park can be a problem if it’s pouring rain. If you have the new Seasons version of the lot, the wedding arch is not there in the winter. I’d love to see comments… would you like this type of lot for your Gold Coast? What other type of lot would you like to see in Gold Coast?

I would also love to see comments if you are playing in Gold Coast. What do you like about it? What don’t you like about it? If you play and really like the world, I would love it if you would go to the exchange and recommend it.

Gold Coast on TS3 Exchange

Thank you for your support!

Have fun!



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Avid Sims 3 fan. Love TV and reading. Family important in my life. You will often find me at The Sims Creators' ConsortiumI.
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16 Responses to New Lot for Gold Coast

  1. MerryWiddow says:

    I’ve had a suggestion for an arcade. Anything else?

  2. rysoukz says:

    I have tried playing your world for this weekend and so far quite good. Only 2 to 3 unroutable sims found and no stuck sims so far….but it seems to start to have abit freeze lag as I have progress …I have not tried reset everything with nrass mc so will do so n see how it goes. I do have alot error code 12 problems so what I did is increase VA and it does help but need further monitor.

    • rysoukz says:

      Oh ya I have a good gaming laptop with gtx 675 3gb and 16gb ram so it wont have any problem with sims 3 and I max the setting

      • MerryWiddow says:

        I am not sure what to suggest. I have memories turned off and I usually ignore the stationary Sims, but if you find an unroutable,Sim, you can click on the image and find out where they are. Every time I have that it ends up taking me to their home. One time I found a dog stuck in the ground. Apparently he swam out of the pool into the cement. I had to reset him. Sometimes game glitches are funny.

    • rysoukz says:

      I tried nrass mc to reset evertyhing and use savve game cleaner and turned off stories except blood on as for memories I already turned off.. it seem abit better but need longer abit …

      Another possible reason could be I used too many mods as I have almost all nrass mods in lol…but the lag not very bad till cant play just a 2 sec lag .. every like a few minutes. ..

  3. MerryWiddow says:

    I think I might use errortrap if I needed to find problems, but not as an everyday mod.

    • rysoukz says:

      However if dont use nrass sp … inactives still will they push to work n married and have babies by EA sp? Or you dont use SP?

      • MerryWiddow says:

        I haven’t really paid too much attention to that, but I understand some at TS3CC II have used MC to augment the population when necessary. I usually just focus on my Sims and don’t pay too much attention to the rest. Just my way of playing I guess.

      • rysoukz says:

        Ya I see…I test taking only nrass sp out indeed the lag stop n I try a game with only like 50 plus resident with nrass sp and there is no lag too…my way of playing is opposite of you haha…I do like to see then go lots and grow…

  4. MerryWiddow says:

    Guess you have to choose then between the lag and the progression. Are you a member of TS3 Creators’ Consortium? ( I think you might enjoy it there. We share ideas and have lively conversations. The members are all friendly and all love The Sims.

    • rysoukz says:

      I am not a member yet…but will join it. I try a smaller map and less resident I got no lag with nrass sp. I recreate a new sim play with your world also not lah at start …

  5. breemiles says:

    Yes a wedding lot would be epic Merry, I’m loving Gold Cost by the way!!!!

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