Eirnín Delany Clan (LTW Challenge)

Eirnín Delany Clan (Save Archived)

Eirnín Delany (pronounced ER neen, son of Owen and Donna, brother of Eoghan, Eamonn, Ennis and Eibhleann, husband of Peanut, ex-husband of Carol, father of Finian, step-father of Filbert)
LTW: Leader of the Free World : Completed
Traits: Excitable, Friendly, Ambitious, Charismatic, Schmoozer, Irresistible
Skills Mastered: Charisma
Career: Politics : Completed
University Degree: Communications : A
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Peanut Delany (Eibhlean’s IF doll made real, husband of Eirnin, father of Filbert, step-father of Finian)
LTW: Superstar Actor : Completed
Traits: Snob, Star Quality, Proper, Ambitious, Charismatic, Irresistible
Skills Mastered: Charisma
Career: Film : Actor : Completed
University Degree: Fine Arts : Honorary B
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Carol Delany (nee Chen, ex-wife of Eirnín, mother of Finian and Filbert)
LTW: Bottomless Nectar Cellar : Completed
Traits: Natural Cook, Green Thumb, Excitable, Schmoozer, Mooch
Skills Mastered: Gardening, Nectar Making
Career: Nectar Maker : Completed
University Degree: Communications : B
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Finian Delany (son of Eirnin and Minzi, step-son of Peanut, half-brother of Filbert)
Traits: Friendly, Loves the Outdoors

Filbert Delany (son of Peanut and Minzi, step-son of Eirnin, half-brother of Finian)
Traits: Virtuoso, Genius
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