Robyn Payne Clan (LTW Challenge)

Robyn Payne Clan (Live in Dragon Valley)

Robyn Payne (Wife of Peaches)
LTW: World Class Gallery : Completed
Traits: Couch Potato, Great Kisser, Vehicle Enthusiast, Photographer’s Eye, Perceptive, Born Saleswoman
Skills Mastered: Photography, Charisma, Athletic, Cooking
Career: Photographer : Completed
University Degree: Communications : Honorary B
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Peaches Payne (nee Marsh, Everett’s IF doll made real, wife of Robyn)
LTW: Jack of all Trades : Completed
Traits: Unstable*, Hates the Outdoors, Loves to Swim, Good, Athletic, Unflirty, Brave** Virtuoso
*traits may change because of her unstable trait.
**trait changed with Lifetime Rewards
Skills Mastered: Athletic, Cooking
Career: Sports: Level 5, Military: Level 5, Law Enforcement: Level 5, Music: Level 5
University Degree: Physical Education : Honorary B, Technology: Honorary B, Fine Arts: Honorary B

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