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Bali Beach House

Based on a house I saw in “House Hunters International” this is a two bedroom home that focuses on outdoor living. All of the bedrooms, the living room and the kitchen are indoors, but the bathrooms and the laundry room … Continue reading

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Wooden House

The house was built at 52 Bristlecone Road in Hidden Springs. It is on a 30 x 30 lot. It has 3 bedrooms, including crib, and 3 and a half bathrooms. The furnished cost is under $87,000. Download from the … Continue reading

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Making a Sims 3 Basement Using the Sims 2 Method

The method can be used on a house that is already built with a foundation. Remove all furniture, doors, windows and wall decorations from the first floor.  You can place them temporarily on the second floor or use MOO to … Continue reading

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