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I would love to hear what you think of my creations. Please leave a comment. Constructive comments are always welcome.


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  1. rysoukz says:

    Hi, I have downloaded your coast coast world and really love it and very well designed. However I know you have some store content included in the world and I wish to know “keep me outdoor shower” and the wishing well are in which lot as I intended to purchase them and all I need to do is start a new game in gold coast and then save in those lots in library and then back to my save game and replaced them so those store content will appeared. Hope to hear from you thank. Very appreciate your hard work.

    • MerryWiddow says:

      Thank you very much for you wonderful comments. I’m so glad you are enjoying Gold

      The shower is in the Rene’s B & B Horse Rance in the country. I think EA would have replaced it, as it is store content, with a base game one. You’ll find it in the field by the fire jumps. As for the wishing well, it is on a hidden lot and you will not be able to edit the lot or place it in your library. The lot will not show in edit town. I’m not sure what the game would replace it with. So I suggest you just place it where ever you would like. If you install the content and start a new game the content will be there where I placed it as you said.

      Have fun!

      • MerryWiddow says:

        An additional thought. Rene’s B & B has spawners on the lot. Suggest that when placing the new lot that after you bulldoze the previous lot, that you go into build on the ’empty’ lot and put buydebug on. (Ctrl+Shift+C type testingCheatsEnabled true : Ctrl+Shift+C type buydebug : All the spawners will appear.) Delete all of the spawners and build a small wall. Got back into edit town and bulldoze the lot again. Then place the new one.

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