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Making a Sims 3 Basement Using the Sims 2 Method

The method can be used on a house that is already built with a foundation. Remove all furniture, doors, windows and wall decorations from the first floor.  You can place them temporarily on the second floor or use MOO to … Continue reading

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Bathroom Inspiration

I love doing bathrooms. I’m here now to post some pictures of the bathrooms I have done to give you some inspiration. As you can see from the following pictures, tile is not the only option. I hope after looking … Continue reading

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Pretty Corners for a Porch

Here is a little tutorial by request. Using this method you can have a nice smooth corner on your porch. This can be used in a decorative manor anywhere. First you will need an even number of tiles on the … Continue reading

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Tricky Kitchens Tutorial

Here is a little video tutorial I put together to help with the placement of kitchen cabinets on a diagonal wall. It also covers place cabinets on an outside corner. Tricky Kitchens Tutorial on YouTube Enjoy! I hope this will … Continue reading

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Porch Roof Styles

Here is a small tutorial to help the new builder with adding a porch roof to a build. I have used this in my Homework Assignments on Builders’ 101 on the TS3 forum. There are different styles to choose from. … Continue reading

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