Everett Marsh Clan (LTW Challenge)

Current Everett Marsh Clan (live in Riverview)

Everett Marsh (son of Dora and Spencer, brother of Ebony and Elizabeth, husband of Dusty)
LTW: Professional Author : Completed
Traits: Excitable, Good, Friendly, Computer Whiz, Bookworm
Skills Mastered: Writing
Career: Writer : Completed
University Degree: n/a

Dusty Marsh (nee Moffett, wife of Everett)
LTW: The Animal Rescuer : Completed
Traits: Party Animal, Photographer’s Eye, Animal Lover, Clumsy, Gatherer
Skills Mastered: none
Career: None
University Degree: n/a

Skyler Marsh (female dog, adult)
Traits : Non-Destructive, Playful, Likes Swimming

Mr.BootsMr.Boots Marsh (male dog, adult)
Traits: Playful, Non-Destructive, Loyal

MaxxMaxx Marsh (male dog, adult)
Traits: Playful, Non-Destructive, Aggressive, Loyal

Screenshot-8Nugget Marsh (male cat, adult)
Traits: Non-Destructive, Neat, Genius, Friendly

Screenshot-9Sassie Marsh (female cat, elder)
Traits: Non-Destructive

Screenshot-7Morgan Marsh (male dog, adult)
Traits: Likes Swimming, Genius, Loyal

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